Janet Montgomery before after weight loss Janet Montgomery before after weight loss

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Janet is a famous English actress who gained widespread recognition after her appearance in the second season of the TV series, Human Target.

She also achieved a significant breakthrough in her career when she was cast in the horror movie, The Hills Run Red. Her claim to fame primarily lies in her roles in various horror movies and TV shows.

More recently, Janet’s devoted fans took to social media to express their concerns following the release of the third season of New Amsterdam.

They were particularly worried about what they referred to as “Janet’s Weight Loss.” The news of Montgomery’s weight loss quickly spread across the internet, causing a lot of buzz.

Some fans expressed genuine concerns about Janet’s well-being, while others were simply curious about how she managed to shed the pounds.

But here’s the question we need to answer: Did Janet Montgomery truly lose weight, or is this just another internet rumor? Let’s investigate further to get to the bottom of it.

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Janet Montgomery’s Weight Loss

Janet Montgomery weight loss

In March 2021, when the third season of the TV show New Amsterdam came out, fans couldn’t help but notice something different about Janet Montgomery’s appearance. Suddenly, news about Janet’s weight loss started circulating on the internet, and people were curious about how she achieved it.

No doubt about it, Janet appeared noticeably slimmer in the new season compared to the previous one. Even though Janet herself hadn’t publicly discussed her weight loss journey, there’s a logical explanation behind it.

Janet Montogomery’s Pregnancy

In 2017, Janet began a romantic relationship with Joe Fox, a talented copywriter known for his creative skills.

The following year, in 2018, the couple shared exciting news: they were expecting a baby, and in 2019, their child was born. Now, it’s important to know that TV shows usually start shooting about a year before they’re actually shown on TV.

So, here’s the interesting part: while Janet was in the early months of her pregnancy, the first season of the TV show she was working on was being filmed.

As her pregnancy continued, she decided to take a break from work to focus on being a new mom to her daughter. After some time, when she felt ready, Janet returned to her acting career, and she worked on the third season of the show.

Now, you might have heard some buzz about Janet losing weight. Well, it’s true, but there’s a catch. She did lose weight, but it was actually her post-pregnancy weight.

After giving birth to her daughter, Janet went back to her regular routine and gradually regained her previous physique.

So, her fans noticed that she looked different, but it was all thanks to her hard work and dedication to staying healthy after becoming a mom.

Janet’s Diet Plan

Montgomery maintains a modest diet. She consumes 2,000 calories a day and eats only organic food. Janet focuses more on a plant-based diet. She also drinks a very moderate amount of alcohol to stay away from falling into binge eating.

Janet’s Workout Plan

Montgomery also makes sure that she does enough exercise to live healthily. She wakes up early in the morning at 7 am and goes for a long walk.

On returning, Janet eats breakfast and then after 2 hours, hits the gym, where she spends one hour on daily basis. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Janet Montgomery before after weight loss

If you carefully compare Janet Montgomery’s photos from before and after, you’ll see a significant change in her appearance. It’s this striking transformation that sparked a flurry of excitement among her fans on social media when they discovered that Janet had successfully shed some weight.

Her fans couldn’t contain their enthusiasm, and many began sharing these side-by-side photos, highlighting the remarkable difference in her physique.

Some wondered about her secret to this transformation, while others simply expressed their admiration for her dedication and hard work.

It became a hot topic of conversation among her followers, and they eagerly awaited any insight Janet might share about her journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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Final Words

There’s no official statement from Janet about whether she has lost any weight or not. However, her photos and her pregnancy hint that Montgomery has undergone some kind of weight loss. What is certain though is that Janet maintains a healthy lifestyle and is in very good shape.