Kielyn Marrone Weight Loss 2022: The Wilderness is Beauty and Beast

Marrone is one of the last runners-up from the History Channel’s Alone show. She came in season 7. The show has made Surviving a favorite thing of a lot of people. A group of people is left in a remote wilderness location where they had to survive for 100 days. And the one who stays there for all 100 days will ultimately win a lot of cash and fame.

As Marrone was also a part of the show she also had to undergo the same experience. Unfortunately, Marrone couldn’t make it for 100 days. But she stayed there for 80 days. Overall Kielyn did very well in that period, however, as living there wasn’t easy it had some negative impacts on Marrone’s health.

How Alone affected Kielyn’s Health?

Kielyn Marrone befor after weight loss

To survive for 100 days, you have to take care of yourself. Contestants are not allowed to take any food with them. They are only allowed to bring necessary tools that might help them in hunting and gathering and many other things of that sort.

So Kielyn had to find food for herself and shelter as well. There were days when she couldn’t find anything at all so she had to stay hungry. Now, Marrone is very good at living in the wilderness. In fact, this is what she does for a living as she brings tourists to the wild.

Kielyn Marrone Weight Loss

But after all human bodies also have needs and living alone in the forest for 80 days isn’t an easy thing. So due to lack of food and extreme conditions, Marrone lost 47 pounds in the show.

Where is Kielyn’s now?

As of now, Kielyn is fine and at her home. She has recovered from that experience and is now living a happy life. After reaching home, Kielyn started focusing on her health, she worked on its improvement. Within months Marrone reached back at her healthy condition.

Kielyn is not the only survivor who has lost weight because of the challenges nature has thrown at her. Survivors, Callie Russell and David McIntyre have lost a lot of weight because of living Alone as well.

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