Nadiya Hussain Weight Loss: Diet & Workout, Before and After

The winner of the sixth series of BBC’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ has written multiple books and is a famous television presenter. Hussain, usually, remains busy with her work. Being a chef means you have to try new dishes every week if not every day.

However, she is also famous for her fitness. Chef and Fitness? Some strange combination, right? Well not for Nadiya. Not since 2012.

In the year, 2012, the chef was struggling with her weight so much. She took a quick decision and succeeded in losing 42 pounds. Since then the British cooking star has maintained that position and has taken care of every bit of her health.

In this article, we will first discuss how Hussain lost 3 stones (42 pounds) and later how she has succeeded in maintaining them.

How Nadiya lost weight?

Nadiya Hussain Weight Los Journey

Nadiya did not reveal her weight loss until 2015. During an interview, she said “I decided three years ago to do something about my weight. I briefly tried meal replacements and lost a stone but they didn’t suit me. So, I chose another way.

Hussain’s method to lose weight was simple, she avoided unhealthy food and did the physical workout. When she revealed that she has lost weight in the past, fans turned to her social media accounts and started gossiping. In another interview, Nadiya revealed her whole weight loss journey.

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Diet Plan

Where many people, who aspire to lose weight, try to follow a well-developed diet plan. However, Nadiya’s diet plan was totally different.

She said, “I did not follow any diet plan, instead, I just ate smaller portions of food and walked a lot.” Hussain said “I drank around 4 litres of water a day. Gradually, over nine months, I lost three stones.” Drinking water enhances the ability of our digestion system.

Nadiya made delicious dishes for others but for herself, she avoided eating much as possible. However, at some time her work made some problems for her but with the passage of time, she came over it.

Of course, when you are around delicious food it is very hard to control yourself. But if you know that you have to lose weight, you know it is the better choice for you and for your future. Then there is nothing that can stop you. And Hussain knew that this decision was for the best of her health.

Workout Plan

Nadiya’s workout plan was even simpler. She did not join any gym or take any yoga classes. Instead, she walked for hours and hours. Hussain said, “I would do five miles before the kids got up and then go out again in the evening.” 5 miles a day! Really a big thing.

Nadiya is the mother of 3 children. So, in 2012 she had to take care of her kids as well, as they were very young at that time. Walking 5 miles a day proved to be very efficient and within months she lost 42 pounds.

Before & After Weight Loss

Before starting the weight loss journey she weighed 215 pounds. However, her current weight is around 165 pounds.

How Nadiya maintains her weight?

Nadiya Hussain Weight Loss After

Since 2012, chef Nadiya has maintained her health in a great way. She hasn’t gained much weight in the last 9 years. She has continued her diet and workout in the same way.

Nadiya said “On a day when I’m not working, I only have one meal a day. So, I’ll drink tea, coffee, and have fruit but I’ll only have one meal a day.”

She further said “So, I wait for my kids to come home, cook dinner, and then I have dinner with them at 5 pm. And I don’t really need anything after that. And then when I’m at home I try and – at the moment I’m doing 5k – so, I’ll kind of walk and jog a 5k every single day where I can.”

It seems that Nadiya is a fan of jogging. She said “Sometimes you need to not talk to anyone. I go for walks, that’s my thing. If I’ve got an opportunity I’ll find a gap.”

Nadiya continued “Even if it’s midday and the kids are around I’m like ‘I’m off and they understand she’s off. She just needs a bit of breathing space. And I just go off, I don’t listen to music, I love listening to the sound of my feet. I like the steps and I just go for a walk.”

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