Elle Simone before after weight loss Elle Simone before after weight loss

Elle Simone Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Simone is an American chef, test cook, culinary producer, and food stylist. Simone started her culinary career at the age of 28.

At first, because of the 2008 recession, she had to face a lot of difficulties but she survived that hard time.

Elle came to the notice of the general public after appearing as a regular host on PBS’s America’s Test Kitchen. 

Elle is one of the most famous chefs. She founded an organization for mentoring women of color in the culinary field with the name SheChef. Everything was going perfectly in her career, however, as for her health, things started getting tough in 2016.

At the age of 40, Simone was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This not only worried Simone but her fans as well.

However, Elle doesn’t give up easily and she decided to fight cancer. The good thing is that she defeated cancer and is one of the survivors of ovarian cancer.

Elle Simone weight loss

However, the fight required a lot of time and effort. To stay healthy Elle has to lose weight as well.

She lost approximately 40 pounds during the treatment. This drastic weight loss had her fans worried about Simon’s health. The rumors about Simon’s cancer getting worse spread throughout the internet when in fact she intentionally lost weight.

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Why did Simone Lose Weight?

During her cancer treatment, Simone began focusing on her overall health. She realized that her weight was starting to increase. Throughout her career as a chef, Elle had limited time to look after her health, which led to her gaining extra pounds.

As she received treatment for cancer, Elle made a choice to enhance her overall well-being and started working on shedding some weight.

How did Simone Lose Weight?

Elle Simone weight loss journey

Even though Elle has been trying to lose weight since 2018, her busy schedule didn’t afford her much time. However, things changed when Covid-19 hit the world. During the quarantine, Simone had plenty of time to work on all aspects of her health.

Talking about her cancer treatment, Elle said, “I made it four years with no tumor to be seen. It grows slowly and it has not reached any other place in my body.” She further said, “During the pandemic, I am working from home, so it was a little easier to go through treatment as the only thing I have to leave my house to do physically.”

Simone started going for long walks throughout the day. She reduced her sugar consumption to zero. Simon also reduced her calorie intake from 2000 calories to 1500 calories.

Elle Had a Hard Time Dealing with Her Doctor

Elle’s cancer’s starting symptoms were quite confusing. She would feel intense pain during her periods which made it impossible to focus on her health. When she discussed the problem with her doctor, it wasn’t a good experience.

Talking about which, Elle said, I felt she was very dismissive of it. She was talking to me like I was 16 years old. Like I didn’t know anything.” While advising other women about such problems, Simone said,

“If you don’t feel like the doctor that you are speaking to is answering your questions, get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th opinion. When we are going through a health crisis it is scary. Have someone with you who can pick up the baton when you need them to pick up the baton for you.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Elle Simone before after weight loss

After losing 40 pounds, her current weight is 190 pounds. Whereas in the past, she weighed about 240 pounds.

Final Words

Always remember that if something is not going well in your life, there is always another way, another solution.

Simone realized that and she changed her doctor. By defeating cancer and losing weight, Elle has proved that living a healthy life is not impossible.

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