Adam Woodyatt Weight Loss [2023], Before and After

Woodyatt has entertained us on the BBC’s EastEnders for so long that a lot of people now identify him as Ian Beale (his character’s name on the show).

Adam, along with Jane Slaughter, is the longest-serving cast member of the show. He has played the role for 36 years

Although a lot of people know Adam for his role in EastEnders, he rose to fame recently for another reason, related to his health.

Adam has lost a huge amount of weight which raised a lot of concerns among his fans.

Woodyatt’s weight loss was gradual, however, fans reacted in a surprising way.

As soon as Adam shared his new photo, fans were going mad wanting to know, what did Woodyatt do in order to lose weight.

That is why we are going to discuss Adam’s weight loss journey in detail.

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Adam’s Weight Loss Journey

Adam Woodyatt weight loss journey

Adam was trying to focus on his health for a long time, however, he couldn’t make up his mind.

But as soon as he found out that there was going to be a 14 miles London Marathon, he knew that it was the golden chance to fulfill his dream of weight loss.

He started preparing to run this long Marathon. The English actor would go for long walks on the daily basis.

He would also do different kinds of workouts. He also did a little racing with Paul Chuckle while practicing.

Chuckle took the tram and I ran up the steps. There were a few of them”. Woodyatt recalled the event.

With all this exercise, Woodyatt was ready for the Marathon. When the day arrived he proved himself. Adam ran for the whole 14 Miles.

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Adam Woodyatt before after weight loss

And this had a huge impact on him. Woodyatt realized that he can do anything if he put his efforts into it.

And given the way he completed his marathon, there was truth in it.

So, he continued his lifestyle. Going for long walks in the morning and doing exercise in the gym.

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Adam Woodyatt’s Lifestyle

Adam Woodyatt before weight loss 2

Adam made significant changes to his diet as well. He limited the consumption of oily food to almost zero.

In place of unhealthy junk food, he started having green vegetables and fresh fruits. He also gave up drinking except for special occasions. 

With these healthy changes came healthy results. Woodyatt lost unhealthy and extra pounds.

While doing exercise with his buddy Chuckle, Adam advised his fans, “You’ve got to get out there. You’ve got to do this. He goes running and I do cycling”.

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Final Words

Adam has proved that there is nothing impossible. The only limitation is in your mind. It doesn’t exist in the real world.

So, if you are thinking about accomplishing something, In Adam’s words, “You’ve got to get there. You’ve got to do it”. Get out there and go get it.

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