Doug Schoen Weight Loss [Updated]: What is this talk of Shedding Pounds?

Doug is an American political analyst, lawyer, lobbyist, author, and commentator. He is also a political consultant and calls himself the best consultant in 30 years. Now, when your portfolio is this large, criticism is inevitable and Schoen has had his share as well.

He has been called a lot of things but the most hilarious thing Doug has ever been called is a “Fox News Democrat” by Steve Benen. Recently, Schoen was trending on social media for entirely another reason. He was said to have lost weight.

However, Doug, himself, never said anything about losing weight. But his fans and those interested in politics were going crazy about the change in his appearance. So, what really it is?

The candidate for the 2004 elections, Al Sharpton, has lost more weight than he now is: 176 pounds.

Has Doug Schoen Lost Weight?

Doug Schoen weight loss

As mentioned earlier, Schoen, himself, hasn’t said anything about weight loss or even any kind of change in his appearance. But when, after a long time, he appeared in front of the public on a talk show, there was quite a noticeable change in Schoen’s appearance.

Especially in his face, which was signaling weight loss. Well, given that Doug himself hasn’t said a word about the transformation, it might as well only be the effect of his age. 67 years is quite an age and most people do look slimmer at this age.

Besides his age, Doug’s busy schedule during the 2020 elections might explain certain changes in his body. All in all, there is no official talk on Doug’s side about his weight loss or any transformation.

Before & After Weight Loss

Doug Schoen before after weight loss

By looking at his before and after photos, no one can blame his fans as well. It does look like he has lost a considerable amount of pounds. Well, it seems that Schoen wants to keep it a secret just like his personal life.

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Doug’s Views about the 2020 Elections

During the elections, Doug said that Joe Biden wasn’t going to be the winner and certainly not by a big shot. Well, it can be said that Schoen wasn’t all wrong. Biden did not win by a long shot.

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