Doug Schoen before after weight loss Doug Schoen before after weight loss

Doug Schoen Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Doug Schoen is an American who knows a lot about politics. He’s not just a political analyst, but also a lawyer, lobbyist, author, and commentator. He even helps politicians with their strategies and proudly claims to be the best at it for the last 30 years.

With such a big and important job, it’s no surprise that people have had lots to say about Doug, some of it funny. Imagine being called a “Fox News Democrat” by a guy named Steve Benen – that’s one of the funniest things Doug has been called!

Doug was making waves on social media, but not in politics. People were saying he had lost weight. The interesting thing is, Doug didn’t say a word about losing weight himself.

But his fans and political enthusiasts were going wild, wondering what had really happened. What’s the truth behind his new look?

The candidate for the 2004 elections, Al Sharpton, has lost more weight than he now is: 176 pounds.

Has Doug Schoen lost Weight?

Doug Schoen weight loss

As mentioned earlier, Schoen, himself, hasn’t said anything about weight loss or even any kind of change in his appearance. But when, after a long time, he appeared in front of the public on a talk show, there was quite a noticeable change in Schoen’s appearance.

Especially in his face, which was signaling weight loss. Well, given that Doug himself hasn’t said a word about the transformation, it might as well only be the effect of his age. 67 years is quite an age and most people do look slimmer at this age.

Besides his age, Doug’s busy schedule during the 2020 elections might explain certain changes in his body. All in all, there is no official talk on Doug’s side about his weight loss or any transformation.

Before & After Weight Loss

Doug Schoen before after weight loss

When you compare pictures of Doug from before and after, it’s easy to see why his fans thought he lost quite a bit of weight. It’s almost like a puzzle he doesn’t want to solve, just like his personal life – a secret he’s keeping.

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