Danielle Macdonald Weight Loss [Updated]: Before and After

The Aussie actress, Danielle Macdonald, rose to fame after she appeared in the drama film, Patti Cake$. Besides that, her appearance in Netflix’s post-apocalyptic thriller movie, Bird Box, introduced her to the whole world. She has also worked in Netflix’s miniseries, Unbelievable.

Macdonald has proved her acting skills. Nevertheless, she had to face criticism. Not because of her acting but because of her appearance. Danielle was criticized for her plus figure on more than one occasion. However, she never cared about it.

Danielle is a confident lady who doesn’t care about what others think about her. With the passage of time, she realized that her weight continued to increase and it was causing a lot of problems for her. Basically, her weight was starting to slow her down.

So, she decided to lose extra pounds, which was causing trouble. Danielle got lighter by more than 30 pounds. Which surprised not only her critics but her fans as well. 

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How did Danielle Lose Weight?

Danielle Macdonald weight loss

She lost weight by changing her lifestyle. Macdonald made huge changes to her diet plan and her daily routine. She stopped eating out, especially at fast-food restaurants, which were kind of her favorite. Giving up the food she loved wasn’t easy but she knew that it was the only solution.

So, Danielle stopped eating out at all. Fast food or whatever. Instead, she opted for eating healthy organic homemade food. Some of her frequent choices for lunch and dinner are chicken breast, green veggies salad, salmon fried in olive oil, lean meat, nuts, and Greek yogurt.

She also drank a lot of water to maintain her hydration level throughout the day as she did a lot of exercises. Macdonald’s daily exercise schedule included push-ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups, weight lifting, and sit-ups.

Besides burning calories in the gym, Danielle also went for one-mile walks in the morning on a daily basis. And playing tennis with her friends in the evening was a crucial part of her daily routine. When you put in that much effort, positive results are inevitable.

Danielle Facing Criticism

After Macdonald shared her new photos on her Insta account, she received a mixture of opinions. While her fans, like always, were very supportive of her decision, there were critics as well. Critics asked why did she lose weight if she was confident with herself.

While Danielle chose to not waste her time on such comments, her fans couldn’t wait. One fan replied to the critic, “Why don’t you guys mind your own business? This is her life let her live it her way.” Another wrote, “Don’t you people have anything to do?”

Before & After Weight Loss

Danielle Macdonald before and after weight loss

Macdonald’s current weight is 74 kg (163 pounds). However, in the past, she weighed around 200 pounds. Danielle has lost more than 30 pounds along the way. 

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Final Words

Danielle has transformed her health completely. She took the right decision at the right time and got rid of the extra pounds that were causing problems for her. Remember, she did it for herself, not for some people who had a different opinion about her body. Because at the end of the day, it is your well-being that matters not what others think.

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