Biko Wright Before and after Biko Wright Before and after

Biko Wright Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After Journey

Meet Biko, a familiar face from the History Channel’s show, Alone. He’s captured the hearts of viewers and is the favorite among the entire cast. Alone is a remarkable show, and its core theme is all about survival.

In this gripping series, the participants, who we call Survivors, are pushed to the limit. They’re placed in the harshest and most extreme weather conditions and remote locations on Earth.

These Survivors face a monumental challenge: they must discover how to survive on their own. That means they need to learn how to find shelter and find food in these unforgiving environments.

Now, Biko is not just any Survivor; he’s the most famous one of them all. But even he had to grapple with the harsh realities of seeking shelter and sustenance. And, as we’ll soon discover, it took a toll on his health in some unexpected ways.

How did the show ‘Alone’ impact Biko’s health?

Biko Wright Weight Loss Journey

Wright had to live in extreme conditions. Where it would be nearly impossible for any of us to live. He had to survive there for days. Wright had to eat what he could find in jungles or in mountains. Now, this of course is not a common eating way.

His sleep pattern was also disturbed. Of course, if your most basic needs like food and sleep are not satisfied, your health is going to be affected negatively.

Biko has been living in the mountains since he was just a kid. He shares his love for the wilderness with his parents. But after all, he is also a human being. And the human body has needs.

Which if not satisfied might cause some trouble. So, the consequence that brought to Biko not eating and sleeping was, that he lost an enormous and unhealthy amount of weight. His weight reached a very serious condition.

Other participants also lost a noticeable amount of weight such as Callie Russell, Sam Larson, Kielyn Marrone, and David McIntyre. Check out their weight loss story.

How did Biko lose weight?

Biko Wright Before and after

Wright, with other contestants, was stuck in Canadian mountains in season 8. Where they were having problems finding food and shelter. The most serious problem, however, was food.

Biko did not have much to eat. He spent 26 days in those mountains. Where, because of his poor eating routine, he lost 50 pounds! That was the most negative impact of the show on his health. But this is what survivors do. After that long period of starvation, Biko succeeded in capturing a rainbow trout and had his delicious feast.

Where is Biko now?

After the filming of Alone Season 8, Biko returned home to his wife. Where her wife gave birth to twin sons. He is now very happy with his life and is getting healthy as compared to his old self. 

With the help of healthy eating, Wright has managed to balance his weight and is now living healthily. He turned to eating animal and dairy products. With all this Biko is far better and is ready for the filming of season 9.