Trisha Yearwood Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

For a very long time, Trisha was busy in her career. She’s a multi-talented American lady. Along with her music and acting career, Yearwood also started a cooking show on the Food Network. And the way it has succeeded has surprised Trisha as well.

Because of the way she cooks food, Yearwood has successfully won three Emmy Awards. Where Trisha’s work has made her enormously famous, it has also made her life very busy. As you can imagine the life of a chef is full of delicious food. 

And since chefs are also humans, the delicious food also makes them fall. In this way, Yearwood gained weight. Although Yearwood was struggling with being overweight before, being around delicious food and ending up eating it made it even a big problem.

Now, Trisha decided to solve this problem. The first big step that she had to take was to find the time to do so. Trisha knew that health should be her first priority and she took time from her busy schedule for it. 

We will discuss Trisha’s weight loss journey in detail but first, let us see some factors that were contributing to her increasing weight.

How did Trisha Gain Weight?

Trisha Yearwood weight loss journey

As mentioned earlier, Yearwood had been struggling with obesity since her childhood. However, her starting cooking show made her weight increase. She described her love for the food as “Often I can talk myself through that moment and just recognize that I want something because I see it on the counter”.

Yearwood continued, “though every now and then, I do go overboard especially with sea salt chocolates”. Food was always Trisha Achillies’ Heel, however, being Yearwood’s chef made it much more apparent.

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Trisha Yearwood’s Weight Loss Journey

Trisha Yearwood before weight loss

Now let’s turn to the main question: how did Trisha lose weight? Now, being a chef has its own advantages and disadvantages. It was her cooking skills that contributed to her being overweight then again it had to be the cooking skills that would save her. 

Yearwood prepared a diet plan to help her fight obesity. She limited the consumption of processed food and stopped dining out.

Instead of ordering pizza, Yearwood would make herself healthy dishes at home. In this way, she controlled her calorie consumption. She also stopped eating while making delicious dishes on the show.

Trisha also joined a gym where she would do workouts for more than one hour on daily basis. Besides that, she also started practicing yoga to attain peace of mind. While doing workouts helped her in burning calories, yoga helped her in fighting stress.

Before & After Weight Loss

Trisha Yearwood before after weight loss

As long as her weight transformation is concerned, Yearwood has lost about 30 lbs, coming from 245 lbs to 215 lbs.

Trisha Tested Positive for Covid-19

In the February of 2021, Trisha tested positive for covid-19 while her husband, Garth, tested negative. After that, she spent a full month in quarantine while still continuing her diet and workout plan. The good news is that she is in good health and has fought covid-19 bravely.

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Final Words

As you can see that Trisha not only overcame obesity but she is trying to go even further. By her will, Yearwood did what most people are afraid even to start. Truly her story is an inspiration for anyone looking to lose weight.

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