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Margot Robbie Weight Loss: [2024] Diet, Workout

Margot Robbie, the Hollywood actress known for her role as Harley Quinn, is incredibly famous for her fantastic figure. She not only has a perfect body but also some amazing talent.

You might be wondering how she stays so healthy and keeps looking great. Well, in an interview with Women’s Health, she shared her secrets about maintaining her body.

Robbie also talked about how she prepared for her role as Harley Quinn and the role of Barbie. Her fans were eagerly waiting to hear about it.

Even though Margot knows that she should watch her diet, she’s not a big fan of strict diet plans.

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How did Margot deal with Food?

Margot Robbie Weight Loss journey

Just like us, Robbie is a lover of food. However, she is responsible enough and eliminates the food that is unhealthy for her.

Robbie said about her breakfast that “Breakfast is usually porridge, and during the morning I’ll have an immunity-boosting smoothie. I’ll normally have a chicken salad for lunch and for dinner I’ll tuck into a tuna steak with sweet potato.”

The actress, however, enjoys whenever it is the right moment for the tasty food. She said “Food is a big thing for me. I love burgers and fries. Which I’ll order with beer. Whenever I visit the USA, I don’t forget to get myself an American Chain Umami Burger, it comes with a truffle cheese fondue, truffle aioli, and truffle glaze.”

Margot said, “I don’t dine out much but whenever I do, the first thing I order for is wine.”

The actress defined her love of food as “I get miserable if I don’t eat. I can’t just have a salad every day and half a glass of wine every second day. I just can’t do it.”

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Margot is a fan of Tea

Margot is also a tea lover. She falls in love with tea in tea’s country of origin, the UK. Robbie said, “I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I lived in the UK.” She keeps herself hydrated with tea.

How Margot’s Diet really is?

While we are discussing her love for food please don’t conclude that she is not serious about her diet.

As mentioned earlier Margot knows when to stop and get back in shape. Whenever she discusses her love for food, Margot is honestly being a normal person.

I mean we all love tasty food. Don’t we? Let it be a burger, pizza, or wine. Robbie does not consume such food in excess.

In one of her interviews, Robbie finally opened up about how she feels about food “Usually I don’t have a very good diet. I love beers, burgers, fries. But if for some project I have to get in a bikini then I’ll eat carrot sticks for three days. I’m one extreme or the other. I don’t know how but whenever I feel like that I have to change my diet, I don’t feel any force stopping me.”

This statement pretty much sums up how much control Margot has over herself.

Margot’s transformation for Suicide Squad

When Robbie received the offer to play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad she was struggling with her weight.

Margot had gained a huge amount of weight and was struggling to find a solution. Robbie met Andie Hecker, who would become her personal trainer.

Soon Robbie succeeded in losing weight and transformed herself perfectly for the role of Harley Quinn. Here is how she did it.

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Diet Plan

Margot followed a healthy and strict diet plan to get back in shape. To become Joker’s queen Robbie gave up all junk food.

The Aussie actress would only eat salad for breakfast and dinner. For lunch, her choice was to eat chicken with salad fried in olive oil. She also gave up drinking tea in excess. Margot substituted milk tea with green/herbal tea.

Robbie said “I knew I had to change my habits. And I also knew that it was good for my health. So, I did not feel any difficulty in doing it and did it anyway.” She succeeded in controlling temptations whenever she was exposed to pizza and burgers.

Workout Plan

I did a lot of sit-ups and squats and all the stuff you are meant to do in order to lose weight but just never can be bothered to do,” said Robbie.

She further said “I am not a big fan of the gym but I found boxing sessions and fighting for practice Suicide Squad really fun. But I realized that I was not a fan of lifting weights.”

Robbie’s trainer defined the process as “We did a lot of heavy weighted low reps of arabesque pulls hooked up to resistance pulleys, as well as arabesque lifts with heavy ankle weights in order to build and lift the butt.

We also did a tonne of side series outer thigh work, targeting outer glutes with high reps and low weights. She all did it to pull her muscles in and create a beautiful line from the waist to the upper thigh.”

Margot said “I practiced for all that stuff that you see in the movie (Suicide Squad). I practiced fighting, jumping, and dancing. It was an exhausting but amazing experience.

Margot Robbie

With all these efforts Margot succeeded in losing 20 pounds. The difference she made can be seen.

Her current Physique

At the moment, Margot enjoys her slim body which has an estimated weight of 57 kgs (125 lbs). She is 168 cm (1.68 m) tall.


Robbie loves tennis so much that she has devoted most of her weekends to it. Speaking of her love for tennis Robbie said “whenever I am free and there is no project I play tennis with friends. I love the game so much.”

Robbie also loves dancing she said, “I prefer to do workouts I really like, such as dance classes or laying tennis with friends.


There is a great lesson in Margot’s story. She proved that to be a healthy person it is not necessary to be hard on yourself.

You can follow a diet plan and yet enjoy an evening with your friends. You should also notice that whenever it was necessary, Margot started having a strict diet plan.

I hope that the equilibrium Robbie maintained for herself will help you in deciding what’s better for you.