Bill Burr Before After weight loss Bill Burr Before After weight loss

Bill Burr Weight Loss [2024], Before and After Journey

The famous comedian and the creator of the Netflix show, F is for Family, is well-known for his comments on weight loss.

You might have heard him joking about people talking about their weight loss journey. However, when it comes to Burr’s weight he loves fitness.

After all, he’s a comedian, and making jokes is all that he does. He is strictly against junk food and promotes the idea of being healthy.

In the year 2014, Bill started noticing issues with his health that were directly or indirectly related to his increasing weight.

Bill then started a diet plan and ended up losing a considerable amount of weight.

Here’s how:

How did Bill lose weight?

Bill Burr Before After weight loss

Burr has his own diet plan which he calls “F*** This” diet plan. In one of his tweets, Burr said, “I’m on the ‘F*** This’ diet for the next 10 days” [1].

Bill applies sarcasm to every aspect of his life. His diet plan goes as follows:

Oatmeal and a banana in the morning. An apple as a mid-morning snack. For lunch, Turkey slices and a side salad. Protein and a side at 4 and 6 PM. Crushes (drinks) water the rest of the night.

Bill Burr Weight Loss Journey

You might like this diet plan or not but it is totally healthy for you to follow. However, it can be hard no doubt.

Burr also joined a gym to burn some calories daily. This whole effort proved to be worth taking and he lost up to 25 pounds.

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