Jennifer Hudson Before After weight loss Jennifer Hudson Before After weight loss

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Before and After

Jennifer Hudson, a remarkable talent who has conquered both the world of music and acting. Not many people can claim success in both fields, but Jennifer is one of those rare individuals.

She’s not just famous for her talents; she’s also known for her impressive collection of awards, including two Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and even an Academy Award.

But Jennifer’s achievements don’t stop at music and acting. Recently, she made headlines in the health industry by losing a whopping 80 pounds! This incredible transformation caught everyone’s attention, especially when they saw her stunning new photos on social media.

It was a total surprise, and fans couldn’t help but wonder how she achieved such a dramatic change in her appearance.

You might be curious about her journey too, and that’s why we’re here. In this article, we’ll explore Jennifer’s inspiring weight loss journey and discover the secrets behind her remarkable transformation.

So, let’s get started and find out how she did it!

Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss Journey

Jennifer Hudson after weight loss

Whenever you are about to start a journey, the first thing you need is a map. The same goes for the weight loss journey. So first of all, Jennifer needed a map, a guide to help her out. And what better guide is there than WW (formerly Weight Watchers)? 

Hudson took WW’s help in planning out her diet and workout routine. She also set some rules that she decided to live by in order to live a healthy and happy life. Along with those rules, Hudson follows WW’s instructions. Here’s the full guide to Jennifer’s weight loss journey:

1. Stay Away from Unhealthy Stuff

One of Jennifer’s rules says “stay away from all kinds of foods that can make you fat”. Hudson got rid of all kinds of processed and junk food after embarking on the weight loss journey. She emptied her fridge of foods that were oily or high in sugar. 

I don’t like too much junk in my dressing room because I have to watch what I eat, so I put everything else out of the room”, Hudson told the interviewer, Lorrain Kelly. By doing this, Hudson has limited her exposure to unhealthy food.

This has been quite helpful given Hudson’s old habits, being exposed to fast food or cake could trigger old eating habits and could jeopardize her hard work. Instead of junk food, Jennifer now keeps her fridge full of healthy food such as salad, yogurt, and fruits. This reminds her every day that she is on the journey to live a healthier life.

2. Be Aware of Where You Eat

This rule may sound strange but it is not. A lot of us have a habit of eating in front of the TV or using our phones while eating. This is not only a bad manner but also an unhealthy manner. In this way, we consume a lot of food without even knowing it.

Jennifer realized this reality and made a rule to always eat at a table, away from the TV or any distractions. In this way, she not only keeps herself from overeating but also connects with the food she eats. Hudson enjoys the meal like our ancestors did.

Jennifer not only keeps track of where she eats but how often and how much she eats as well. Talking about her habit of knowing what she eats, Hudson said, “I’m very conscious of what I put in my body. I’ll be out and think, ‘no it’s too early to eat right now’“.

3. Don’t be too Hard on Yourself – Because It’s Unrealistic

Jennifer is against putting too much pressure on yourself than you can take it. A lot of people think about weight loss as some kind of prison. They put a lot of pressure on themselves promising that they wouldn’t eat pizza for the next ten years or they would never taste sugar.

Eventually, they give up, as expected, and not only end up ordering a large pizza but also give up on the whole weight loss journey. So, if you make promises to yourself, make realistic ones. Such as, I will only eat pizza once a week or I will stop drinking for a month.

Jennifer says “It’s a lifestyle, not a diet”, she has to live with it. It is not like some kind of internet challenge. However, in the past, Hudson used to do the same. She made big commitments and failed.

Describing the past, she said, “I used to deprive myself, thinking that was healthy. I didn’t eat pasta, fried food, red meat. If you are on a strict diet then your body will not function the way that it should”.

4. Award Yourself Now and Then

Jennifer’s fourth rule says that if you are making good progress then you deserve a reward. Like eating outside one night ordering a pizza or having a drink. Hudson’s treat to herself is chocolate. “I always have to have chocolate around. It’s my cigarette. I don’t smoke but it calms me so well”, she told the interviewer.

Of course, the trick is to not fall for it. Make a milestone, have some fun, and then on the other day, get back to your daily routine. Because that’s where your true freedom lies. Freedom from heart diseases, freedom from all kinds of limits that being overweight imposes on you. Freedom from Obesity!

5. Move Around!

Yes, eating healthy and everything is good for your health but not if you sit the whole day at home. Jennifer’s last but not least rule says that get involved in the exercise. Well, who said that exercise is only about sweating in the gym while lifting weights?

It can be anything. Here is what Hudson said about working out. “I don’t like workouts in the gym. But I do love Basketball. It’s fun, you don’t even realize you’re working out“. In this way, Hudson not only keeps her heart rate up but also burns a lot of calories.

Before & After Weight Loss

Jennifer Hudson Before After weight loss

Hudson’s commitment to living by her own set of rules has proven to be incredibly rewarding. She embarked on a remarkable journey and successfully shed an impressive 80 pounds.

This remarkable accomplishment means that Jennifer’s current weight stands at 140 pounds, which is a significant contrast to her former weight of 220 pounds.

Her incredible transformation highlights the effectiveness of her unique approach to weight management, inspiring many to follow in her footsteps.

The winner of the first season of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, has shocked her fans by losing a whopping 40 pounds.

Final Words

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss journey is nothing short of an inspirational story. If you want to lose weight or want to live a healthy life just like Hudson, then following her rules would be a very great thing to do. 

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