Gabriel Iglesias Before After Weight Loss 2 Gabriel Iglesias Before After Weight Loss 2

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Gabriel Iglesias, a renowned American comedian, has accomplished a remarkable feat during the pandemic by shedding an impressive 50 pounds.

Notably, in 2018, Gabriel Iglesias was ranked among the highest-earning comedians in the industry. If you’re seeking inspiration for a successful weight loss journey, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will delve into Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey, exploring his diet plan, workout routine, and other key factors that contributed to his impressive transformation.

Weight Loss Journey

Gabriel Iglesias Before Weight Loss

Gabriel Iglesias started his weight loss journey between 2013 – 2014. He started facing some health problems because of his weight. His sugar levels were very high and he was eating without any restrictions.

Weight Loss Surgery

But after having some health problems he went to the doctor. His doctor warned him about unhealthy eating.

Gabriel asked the doctor about losing weight. His doctor told him to have gastric bypass surgery. But Gabriel didn’t want to change his body shape. He was happy with his body and wanted to lose some weight naturally. So he refuses to have surgery.

In the Pandemic

Before the pandemic, Gabriel didn’t have much time to focus on his health and to do physical workouts regularly. He was traveling around the world.

So during the lockdown, everything was closed and he got a lot of time. He finally started thinking about losing weight.

There are other famous comedians who also lost a huge amount of weight such as Ed Gamble, and Bill Burr’s Weight Loss Journey.

Diet Plan

All restaurants were closed during the lockdown. Gabriel had no choice other than to eat at home. So, he decided to cook for himself. Which he never used to do. It was new for him and He said “Before I was a king of drive-throughs, now I am a king of my kitchen”.

He usually cooked SPAM and eggs, hot dogs, bacon, and other foods that included protein. His Diet includes also stopping eating any fast food during his weight loss journey.

Gabriel followed a low-carb diet which includes a lot of vegetables, protein, and low-sugar fruits. He also started drinking more water daily. Drinking more water helped him eat less.

Workout Plan

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Workotu

Gabriel started doing yoga. It was hard for him. But he started doing easy poses. He got help from DDP.  In addition, he was also walking for 15-30 min on a treadmill every morning.

How much weight did Gabriel Iglesias lose?

In 2013, Gabrial’s weight was around 430 pounds but after going through a weight loss he lost more than 100 pounds. In 2015 his weight was around 320 pounds.

Before and After Weight Loss

Gabriel Iglesias Before After Weight Loss 2

Throughout the pandemic, Gabriel Iglesias managed to shed an impressive 50 pounds, and he achieved this remarkable feat by adopting a healthy diet and incorporating regular physical activities into his routine.

Gabriel Iglesias Diabetes

Gabriel Iglesias

In 2013, Gabriel was having some health issues. His sugar levels increased a lot. The doctor warned him that if he continues living like this he will only have 2 more years to live.

Then he started cutting out all the sugary drinks, and foods from his diet. And now his sugar levels are back to normal.

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