Elle King before after weight loss Elle King before after weight loss

Elle King Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Tanner Elle Schneider is a talented American singer and songwriter known to the world as Elle King.

Elle’s music isn’t just one thing; it’s a blend of rock, soul, blues, and country – a true mix of awesome sounds! She became a star after releasing her first EP, called The Elle King EP, and people from all over the world loved it.

Elle King is not just a fantastic singer; she’s also got big dreams and a bright future ahead. But life hasn’t always been easy for her, especially when it comes to something very close to her heart – becoming a mom.

Elle had to go through a lot to achieve her dream of having a child. It was a tough journey, and she faced many challenges along the way.

But that’s not all – her first marriage had its ups and downs too, and sadly, it didn’t end well. In 2017, Elle and her ex-husband Ferguson went their separate ways after a long and difficult disagreement.

Elle’s Struggle with Pregnancy

As already said, pregnancy and giving birth to a child has been Elle’s biggest dream. However, this dream took quite a lot of time before becoming true.

Not only time, but it also took a lot of struggle and pain. Before successfully giving birth to her baby boy, King had two losses during pregnancy in the past.

“This is something that I have not only wanted since I could remember, but it’s something that I really have struggled with for a long time,” King talked about her pregnancy, “Every single day of this pregnancy is such a miracle.”

She added, “I’ve experienced loss, and to go through that pain of losing two pregnancies, it just feels like life is over, life is done. You have to go through this intense and really just unbelievably draining and shocking grieving period. You feel like such a failure.”

Elle explained the reason for her two losses was polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that causes a hormonal imbalance. Fortunately, this time, King succeeded in bringing a new life to this planet. She has a baby boy with her partner, Dan Tooker.

Weight Gain Because of Pregnancy

Elle’s fulfillment of her biggest dream came at a cost. While pregnant, she gained a lot of weight, which had a huge impact on her health.

Although she had struggled with being overweight before, the new addition in her weight made it even more problematic.

But given King’s excitement for pregnancy, this cost was nothing. And after giving birth to her child, she decided to embark on a weight loss journey.

After all, she had to be there for her newborn child and she wanted to take care of her baby in every possible way.

How did Elle Lose Weight?

Elle King weight loss

After giving birth, Elle was left with post-pregnancy weight. She decided to get rid of this unhealthy weight. And to do that, King made huge changes to her lifestyle. The biggest change that King brought into her life was changing what she ate.

Whereas before King ate a lot of processed food, now she only ate homemade healthy organic food.

Elle also eliminated processed sugar along with fast food from her diet. This change had a huge impact on King’s physique and she succeeded in achieving a healthy figure.

Not only diet, but King also did a lot of workouts to lose weight. She would start her day by walking for a mile every day. In this way, she burnt a lot of calories. Her healthy routine resulted in a huge weight loss that completely transformed King’s life.

Before & After Weight Loss

Elle King before after weight loss

Elle King decided to make some important changes in her daily life, and the results are truly impressive. Through her dedication and hard work, she successfully shed 20 pounds! Her current weight stands at 170 pounds, a significant achievement when you consider that she used to weigh 190 pounds. It’s a testament to her commitment to a healthier lifestyle, and it’s clear that her efforts have paid off in a big way.

Change in Elle’s Perspective

Her successfully bringing a new life on Earth changed King’s whole perspective about life.

Whereas before she struggled with accepting her body and remaining uncomfortable with it, now she embraces gratefully whatever life has to offer. She is very happy with her life and is working for a better future.

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Final Words

Elle King weight loss

There is no doubt that those who work hard succeed in the end. And King is the best example of this.

After investing her time in it and following a disciplined plan, Elle has succeeded in shedding extra pounds. She has a very bright and happy life ahead.

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