Kevin Gates Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Yoga, Before and After

Gates is an American rapper and singer. He made his debut in 2016 by releasing the album, Islah. The album was a hit and peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart. Kevin was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is the father of two children.

Now, those of you who have been following Kevin for a long time, know that he has had a tough past. He even went to jail. However, as of now, Gates is totally unrecognizable than before. He is at his best, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

So, how did this transformation occur? Well, it is quite a long story. Long story cut short, Kevin started improving his life after the release of his album, Islah. We can’t see Kevin’s mental or spiritual improvement but can experience that.

Kevin Gates weight loss

However, what we can see is a huge improvement in Gates’ physique. One time he weighed around 310 pounds, which is a very dangerous number in terms of weight. As of now, he weighs 215 pounds. This drastic transformation was gradual and it changed Kevin a lot.

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Kevin Gates’ Weight Loss Journey

Kevin is quite a humble fellow. He has improved his health by a very huge margin but still, he doesn’t want to take credit for that. In his interview with Men’s Health, Kevin said, “I’m not gonna say that I’m a healthy man. But I try to be healthy.”

Although Kevin was thinking about losing weight for a long time, what proved to be the call to action was one embarrassing moment that Gates shared with us. Talking about the moment, Kevin said, “I had my shirt off and I was holding my partner’s baby. 

“And his baby tried to suck my breast. The baby kept going like this (he said it by mimicking the baby), you know how babies open their mouths and do that. That was the moment I realized ‘I’m a fat slob. I need to lose weight.’”

He continued, “It was the most embarrassing s*it. I mean even though I’m a big gorilla, I still got feelings.” After that moment, Kevin decided to get rid of the unhealthy weight that was not only slowing him down but was also making him a joke.

How did Kevin Lose Weight?

There are two answers to this question. One is very brief and to the point, while the second is the explanation of Gates’ weight loss journey. So, let Gates give the brief answer first, and then I will explain his journey.

When he got asked by a fan how did he become so skinny, Gates said, “Just one word, commitment.” Kevin lost weight by making huge changes to the way he ate and spent his day. He worked a lot in the gym and followed a diet that had fewer calories.

Kevin’s Diet Plan

Kevin’s diet plan consisted of organic food. Whereas before, he would fall for burgers and pizza, no matter the restaurant, he now stays away from fast food. This abstinence had a very big impact on Gates’ health. 

The biggest challenge for Kevin was getting rid of his old eating habits. Sure it was a hard task but with enough commitment, Gates got over them. Explaining his struggles in a poetic way, Gates said, “My biggest problem in life was overcomin’ myself. And once I defeated myself, the only thing left was peace.”

While showing his fridge to Men’s Health,  Kevin said, “Me being Muslim, I only eat one meal a day. I guess you would call it intermittent fasting. My one meal a day may be a steak or it can be a veggie bowl, depending on my mood.”

Now, Gates doesn’t have a fixed time for that “one meal”. He eats whenever his busy schedule allows it. “Because I’m an artist, I can’t go to the studio with a full stomach,” Kevin said, “I like to be hungry. I like the music to reflect my hunger. ‘Cause I’m hungry for this s*it.”

Kevin’s Workout Plan

When the interviewer asked, “You’ve come a long way in your journey. How did you pull yourself through the whole journey?”, Kevin answered, “I wanted more for myself. I got tired of being the fat guy in the room. I got tired of being the fat slob. 

“I got tired of every time somebody takes their shirt off, I make an excuse why I don’t think it’s cool. It’s one thing about sayin’ that you’re disciplined but when you see somebody who got a nice body it shows that you’re disciplined.” 

In order to lose weight and get a nice body, Gates worked on acquiring that required discipline. He built his own gym in his garage, where he does workout for an hour on daily basis. Kevin likes to listen to music while working out. He has prepared his workout playlist for that.

Kevin does cardio, lifts weight, does cycling, runs on the treadmill, and does swimming. After the workout session, Kevin likes to climb the mountain that is behind his home. He calls it “The Magical Mountain” because “it gives me inspiration and motivation.”

Along with cardio, Gates has also become a fan of Yoga. In his interview, he said, “When I was in the jail, I thought that Yoga is for p*ssies. However, now I have a different respect for yoga and I myself practice it.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Kevin Gates before after weight loss

By maintaining a healthy and strict diet plan and working out for an hour on a daily basis, Kevin has lost 95 pounds. His current weight is 215 pounds as compared to his old weight of 310 pounds

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Final Words

By putting in the effort, Gates has changed his life a lot. However, he is not intending to stop where he is today. Kevin still has many dreams to realize yet. Talking about which, he said, “I’m not where I want to be yet. But, hey, I’m damn sure gonna get there.” 

I hope that Kevin Gates’ magical and inspirational weight loss journey gives you enough inspiration to achieve your dreams.

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