Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss and Gain: Reason Behind [2021]

Pierce Brosnan’s wife and the famous American journalist, Keely Smith, has shocked the world with the drastic change in her appearance. Keely has recently undergone a very huge weight loss. She has lost 100 pounds!

When Keely appeared in front of the TV it was a jaw-dropping moment. The last time people saw her she weighed around 300 pounds but this time everything changed. They never imagined that they would see Smith in this way.

Before we discuss how Smith shed so many pounds it would be better to know the main reasons behind Keely’s weight gain.

Reasons behind Keely’s weight gain

Keely Shaye Smith Before weight gain

There are many factors behind Shaye’s heavier weight. She was struggling with weight since her childhood. The main factor was her love for food. Keely loved fast food and usually would overeat. It is true that Keely Smith was struggling with weight way before her marriage. But when she married Brosnan, she gained more weight.

After her marriage to Brosnan, Shaye has gained approximately 70 pounds. Which is really kind of a big deal. Her weight went high after the birth of every kid. She is the mother of four children. She did not have any control over this factor though. Combining all these factors Keely’s weight reached a dangerous level of 300 pounds.

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Why Keely started a weight loss journey?

There is no particular reason known. Because there can be several reasons behind Shaye’s weight loss. Some reports say that Keely went on a weight loss journey because her husband, Brosnan, said her to do so.

Now on the outside, it might look outrageous, barbaric, and coercion but if we analyze their relationship it is nothing of that sort.

Brosnan has always loved Keely and has always been supportive in her every decision. Keely, on the other hand, is an independent and strong woman and their relationship seems stronger day by day. Another reason can be her poor health. Because of so much weight, even moving around the house seemed so hard to Keely.

She also had to take care of her four children and with that weight, it was very hard. So there was every reason to lose weight. That’s what her health was demanding from her.

How did Keely lose weight?

Keely Shaye before and after

Although there is not much information known on how Keely lost weight there are some highlights. She started a vegetarian diet plan. Shaye also joined a gym. However, if you are trying to find out some tips that can help in losing weight.

Here are some lines that might be helpful for you.

What you should and shouldn’t consume?

  • Avoid fast food at all. It is the main reason for obesity in the modern world.
  • Limit the consumption of meat. Try to limit the use of dairy products as well.
  • Eat vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Drink as much water as possible. At least 8 glasses a day.
  • Substitute tea and coffee with homemade fruit and gorge juices.

What you should and shouldn’t do?

  • Go for a walk every day in the morning.
  • Join a gym or do a workout at your home.
  • Try to engage in sports.
  • Avoid wasting your time on your mobile phone and sitting on the couch most of the day.
  • Make a timetable of what you have to achieve in your whole day.

Keely helped Brosnan in getting out of Depression

When Keely met Brosnan at Mexican beach, he was very upset and was struggling with depression. Brosnan had lost his first wife, Cassandra Harris, to cancer. Meeting Keely brought hope to Brosnan.

They fall in love with each other. Since then Shaye has comforted Brosnan in hard times and Brosnan has been supportive in every hard day of Keely’s life. They are one of the perfect couples of Hollywood.


We all need people like Keely Smith in our lives as they help us in getting out of trouble and in forgetting our traumatized past.

We don’t know if Keely has lost weight because Brosnan said her to do so but one thing is very clear that they both love each other and support each other in every difficulty. And that’s how a husband and wife should be.

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