James Fay before after weight loss James Fay before after weight loss

James “Bobo” Fay Weight Loss: Diet, Before and After [2024]

James Fay is an American researcher and explorer. He rose to fame after appearing in Animal Planet’s reality show, Finding Bigfoot. The show ran for nine seasons and 100 episodes. And it was this show where James earned his nickname of “Bobo”

Recently, Fay became a topic of discussion for totally another reason. The rumor of his being ill spread like wildfire on the internet. And given the noticeable changes in Fay’s appearance, nobody could blame the fans who were spreading the rumor on social media.

James was said to have been diagnosed with cancer. And when fans saw a huge loss in James’ weight and his bald head, they became certain about the rumor. So, was the rumor a fact or just a rumor?

Was James Really Diagnosed with Cancer?

James Fay weight loss

In late 2016, as fans noticed a significant change in James’ appearance, they became worried about his health.

In addition to his weight loss, Fay’s bald head also contributed a lot to the rumor’s spread as they thought that it was because of chemotherapy. Well, it was time for Fay to come forward and tell the truth.

In one of his Facebook posts, James said there was no truth in the news about his being diagnosed with cancer and that it was only a rumor. Although the fans got relief, they were still confused about James’ huge weight loss.

How and why did James lose weight?

Later in an interview, James said that he had lost weight by following a healthy diet plan and exercising and not because of some kind of illness. To lose weight, Fay changed his diet plan completely. He also started spending more time in the gym.

All these efforts resulted in a huge weight loss. When asked why he lost weight, James answered, “I lost weight because it was starting to become a problem. I had lost track of healthy eating for a long time. And I wanted to correct it.”

Before & After Weight Loss

James Fay before after weight loss

By working hard and taking time from his busy schedule to improve his health, James succeeded in losing 100 pounds. His current weight is 180 pounds. Whereas before, Fay weighed around 280 pounds

Final Words

By losing weight, James Fay has not only transformed his health completely but has also set a great example for his fans and followers. No matter how busy you are, it would help if you always prioritize your health above your work. Because health is the main factor in living a happy life.

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