Susan Boyle Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Susan has proved what a person can do if he/she has enough passion for it. The Scottish singer rose to fame after singing “I Dreamed a Dream” as a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent. Since then, Boyle has recorded a lot of masterpieces in the music industry.

However, she became a topic of discussion recently for quite a different reason. Boyle has lost a huge amount of weight. Her 50 pounds weight loss has shocked everyone. When, after a long time, Susan appeared on the red carpet, everyone’s eyes were on her.

The unbelievable weight loss was hard to comprehend for her fans. However, gradually, they came to the realization that Boyle has really lost weight. After finding out the fact, her fans wanted to know more. The reason you are here is the same. So, why delay? Let’s get started.

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Susan Boyle’s Weight Loss Journey

Susan Boyle weight loss journey

I will come to discuss Boyle’s tremendous weight loss but there are a few questions that are probably in your mind. Let’s answer these questions first. 

Why did Susan Lose Weight?

There were multiple reasons for Susan to undergo the weight loss procedure. She had been struggling with obesity since her childhood.

Boyle was even bullied for her being overweight. She was struggling with all these problems for years. However, the real reason behind her sudden weight loss was quite different.

During one of her medical checkups, Susan was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2012. The doctors told her that she should consider losing weight immediately. Diabetes was slowing Susan down. It prevents the cells from converting into usable energy. 

Diabetes patients suffer from hunger, depression, lethargy, and high blood pressure. After hearing this from the doctor, Boyle embarked on the weight loss journey and ended up losing 50 lbs. After knowing this, probably the next question in your mind is:

How did Susan Lose so much Weight?

After Susan’s drastic weight loss, a lot of theories were circulating on the internet. Some of her fans suggested that her weight loss is due to her illness. While others said that she must’ve lost weight by undergoing the surgery. However, neither guess is true.

When Boyle decided to lose weight there wasn’t any shortcut in her mind. She decided to lose weight by working hard and getting rid of obesity for the rest of her life. Susan followed a well-prepared diet plan that was suggested by her doctor. With sticking to a diet plan she also joined a gym.

Susan’s Diet Plan

After being diagnosed with diabetes, the first thing Susan had to do was to abstain from sugar. She gave up sugar consumption completely. To stay away from sugar, Susan stopped having soft drinks, processed food, sweets, and cakes. 

I need to stop eating sweeties and cakes. It’s the bane of my life”, Boyle remarked. She also started having a salad for her lunch and dinner. Susan would start her day with a sip of green tea. Although she was restrained from every kind of sugar consumption, there are some commodities through which she was allowed to consume sugar. Namely, fruits and fruit juices, vegetables, and dark brown sugar.

Susan’s Workout Plan

Boyle would spend an hour in the gym on daily basis working out. However, as her age was putting some restrictions on her intense workout, she started taking long walks. Walking is a very great way of burning calories. Boyle would walk for 2 miles every day.

Susan’s Supplement

Along with maintaining her diet and workout plan, Boyle also took Garcinia Cambogia supplement. It is a fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. Garcinia Cambogia helps in losing weight by burning fat, reducing appetite, and increasing energy. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Susan Boyle before after weight loss

After doing a lot of hard work and adopting a disciplined life, Boyle’s current weight is 127 pounds as compared to her old weight, 177 pounds. She has lost 50 pounds along the way.

Asperger Syndrome

Recently, Susan was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Though it was a block to her well-being for a brief time, she is handling it great. The syndrome didn’t stop Boyle from her achievements. She is a brave lady. Susan fights with every blockade in her way and paves her way through the obstacles.

The Canadian singer, Celine Dion, has replied to the growing controversies about her drastic weight loss.

Final Words

Susan’s weight accumulated during the years, however, it didn’t take long to get rid of it. This proves that once a person decides on something and starts working day and night for it he/she can achieve the goal. All that matters is the power of will.

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