Ariana Grande before after weight loss Ariana Grande before after weight loss

Ariana Grande Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

You might know Ariana Grande for her amazing singing, but recently, something different caught people’s attention – her weight loss journey.

Ariana, who is known for her slim figure, decided to make a change. She intentionally lost 25 pounds, which is like dropping the weight of a couple of heavy textbooks! People were surprised because they were used to seeing her in a certain way.

Fans were curious and a bit worried at first, wondering why she made this change. But there’s no need to worry. Ariana made this choice to become healthier and feel better about herself.

She wanted to keep her appearance and her health on track. So, when she had some free time, she decided to focus on eating better and exercising to shed those extra pounds. It’s like when you decide to eat well and play sports to feel good – Ariana did the same thing!

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Weight Loss Journey

Ariana Grande Weight Loss

Many of Ariana Grande’s fans are curious about why she decided to lose weight. In her own words, she explained, “The reason why I lost as much weight as I did is that I used to live on junk food.

She realized that she needed to make a change in her eating habits. Remember earlier we talked about how she wanted to take care of her health and appearance? Well, this is part of that story.

Another question that came up a lot from her fans was: How did she manage to lose weight? Her approach was actually pretty simple.

She started following a well-balanced diet plan really seriously. On top of that, she hit the gym and did a lot of workouts to help her on this journey.

Now, you might be wondering, why did she change her diet plan? Ariana had a clear answer to that. She said, “This is about making sure the foods you put in your body will nourish you and be put to good use.” In simple words, she wanted to eat foods that would help her feel strong and healthy.

So, here’s what Ariana’s diet and workout plan looked like:

Ariana’s Diet Plan

Ariana changed her diet plan completely. Where before she was busy ordering pizza and dining on KFC’s burger, now she went 100% vegan, “I am eating as much as I was before just the content has changed”, Ariana remarked.

Even though Grande was a vegetarian before starting her weight loss journey, she changed the full course of her diet after starting this journey and eliminated all dairy products. “I love animals more than I love vegetables, no kidding. And I am a firm believer in a fully plant-based diet”.

She continued, “Whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person”. Ariana is also fond of Japanese cuisine. She loves to eat daikon and adzuki beans. However, after stepping on this journey, Grande has stopped trying new cuisines. 

Her main focus is on vegetables and fruits. Salad is one of the mandatory items in her diet plan. She also includes a bowl of rice on the menu for lunch and dinner.

She has also given up drinking coffee in the morning. In place of it, Ariana starts her day with a glass of gorge juice or sometimes fresh fruit juice as well.

Maintaining her diet in this way helped Ariana a lot. She became slimmer than before. And inspired a lot of other people as well. Who, following her footsteps, started losing weight.

Ariana’s Workout Plan

Ariana gave equal importance to her workout routine as she gave to the diet plan. Because she knew perfectly the importance of exercise. Grande would exercise for almost an hour with her trainer, Harley, on daily basis.

Harley gives his clients a goal that they have to achieve within two weeks. That goal might be running for 20 miles, or doing 500 push-ups. However, he gave Grande very mild goals as he knew her busy schedule. No matter what goal Ariana gets, she always completes it in the due time.

Some of the workouts that Grande does on daily basis are plank, superman, lunges, glute bridge, and plank. She also enjoys evenings while cycling. The American singer is fond of swimming as well.

Before & After Weight Loss

Ariana Grande before after weight loss

Ariana is known as one of the lighter singers in the music industry. Right now, she weighs 104 lbs, which is quite a bit less than her previous weight of 129 lbs. She managed to shed 25 lbs on her journey. This change has been a result of her efforts to become healthier and feel better about herself.

Where is Ariana Now?

A lot of her fans still wonder whether she still follows the vegan diet plan. However, I’m afraid that’s not the case. A recent photo of Grande went viral where she seemed to enjoy a drink at Starbucks with egg powder. So, as it seems, she has abandoned the vegan lifestyle.

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Final Words

Ariana is one of the leading singers in the industry today and there’s no doubt about it. However, she seemed a little bit troubled about her weight which she handled in a very great manner.

Grande’s weight-loss method can be ideal for anyone looking forward to shedding some pounds. 

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