Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The Precious star, Gabourey Sidibe, has a long history of fighting obesity. She was overweight when she was just six years old. Being heavy brought a lot of challenges with it. The first challenge at hand was to move, walk, and even play like other normal kids. Doing everything seemed a big challenge.

Another trouble that her increasing weight brought with it was being bullied. Not only kids in her school but also her family members made fun of her. “My father used to call me Fastso”, Gabourey recalled. Even her big brother made life hard for her.

However, Sidibe’s mother always showed love and affection for her. With a lot of misunderstandings accumulating, her parents split up when she was just 12 years old. Gabourey had seen a lot of bad things happening around her very little age.

However, good days came when she was cast for the leading role in the movie, Precious.

Gabourey got the chance and she nailed it. When the interviewer asked how did she perform amazingly, Sidibe replied, my childhood gave me “a lot of practice acting. I grew up pretending I was okay when I wasn’t”. 

As Sidibe’s life was setting and a new path was emerging, she thought to eliminate every negative aspect of her life. Gabourey, after having a bad relationship with her father, thought to end grudges.

Gabourey took her being overweight, which had always proved to be an obstacle, into consideration as well.

Gabourey embarked on the journey to lose weight. And with her genuine effort, ended up losing 150 pounds. Yes, 150 pounds. The huge weight loss shocked everyone. Sidibe was interviewed multiple times for her big achievement. How did she lose so much weight? Let’s find out.

Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight Loss Journey

Gabourey Sidibe before weight loss

She started her weight loss journey in the May of 2017. Sidibe embarked on this journey after struggling with obesity for years.

Here are some of the main reasons for her being obese and the troubles that Gabourey had with her increasing weight.

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Reasons Behind Gabourey’s Obesity

Gabourey Sidibe weight loss journey

The main reason behind Gabourey’s increasing weight was bulimia. She said that she was “struggling with bulimia for quite a long time”. It is an eating disorder in which a person keeps eating (binging). The consequences of bulimia are vomiting, staining, tooth decay, and edema.

Gabourey’s Diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes

In the year 2016, Sidibe was diagnosed with diabetes amid her growing weight. This became another big challenge along with obesity. The doctor advised her to lose weight immediately. He also warned her to stay away from sugar as much as possible.

Gabourey Struggling With Depression

Being obese hit Sidibe so hard that she became depressed. Her growing weight brought with it a lot of limitations.

Even merely moving became a problem. With all these difficulties accumulating, Gabourey had nobody to talk with. Sure, her mother was supportive most of the time but it seemed that she wasn’t understanding it.

Get a thicker skin” was her mother’s response whenever Sidibe talked about her obesity. For some time, Gabourey tried to keep her thoughts to herself. However, when it didn’t seem to work out, she sought the help of a professional and undergo therapy. 

 After getting the mental support, Sidibe embarked on the journey of weight loss and achieved the milestone of losing over 100 pounds. After reading this, the question that immediately comes to mind is:

How did Gabourey Lose Weight?

With her growing weight and worsening diabetes, there was no other way than to lose unhealthy pounds.

Sidibe started meeting nutritionists and trainers to figure out how to lose weight. However, nobody’s answer gave her satisfaction. Gabourey had to lose weight as soon as possible and the process others were telling her included months.

At last, she decided to undergo weight loss surgery. Sidibe underwent laparoscopic surgery. In this surgery, the surgeon makes a bend in the stomach by putting little tubes.

In this way, there will be less room for food and the person who has undergone the surgery will consume less food and will ultimately lose weight.

After this surgery, Sidibe started losing weight very quickly. Just after a few minutes, she would feel full and would not eat further.

The moment she cut down her food consumption, Gabourey started losing pounds. It all turned out very well. Keeping an eye on her diabetes, she also cut down her sugar consumption. 

Sidibe also met a professional trainer who helped her in burning calories in the gym. She would do workouts for more than an hour on daily basis. This all helped her so much that her weight reduced exponentially.

Before & After Weight Loss

Gabourey Sidibe before after weight loss

Gabourey has come a long way. She has come from 360 pounds to weight 210 pounds while losing 150 pounds.

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Final Words

Sidibe is really an inspiration for those who are looking forward to losing weight after regret for years.

She has proved that the only thing that one needs to lose weight is the power of will and commitment. Losing 150 pounds wasn’t easy at first but as Gabourey started the journey things seemed to work out in their own way.

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