Kitty Spencer before after weight loss Kitty Spencer before after weight loss

Kitty Spencer Weight Loss [2024]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Kitty Spencer is a British model and aristocrat. She is the eldest child of the 9th Earl Spencer, Charles Spencer, and a niece of Princess Diana.

Kitty is also famous for being the spokesmodel for the Italian jewelry brands, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana.

Last year (2021), Spencer married the 61-year-old British-South-African multimillionaire, Michael Lewis. They married in the eternal city of Rome.

Spencer was seen wearing a Victorian-era-styled gown. It was astonishing and surprising for her fans but what really was surprising was Spencer’s physique.

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It was apparent that Kitty had lost weight before her marriage. She seemed way slimmer than before. Interviewers couldn’t wait as well. One interviewer asked, “You look very different now. Did you lose weight for your marriage?” On which, Spencer replied,

“I lost weight to improve my health. I was concerned about my health given the history of diabetes in my family. But what really made me do it was some nasty internet comments.” So, what comments is she talking about? Let’s find out.

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Nasty Comments on Instagram

For a while, Spencer was dealing with some mean comments from a few of her Instagram followers. They were making jokes about her getting heavier. One person even wrote, “Stop eating so much cake! You’re getting way too fat.

In response, Spencer wrote, “I’m sorry that you feel like saying mean things about people you don’t even know. Being unkind doesn’t really help anyone. Kindness is much better.” Even though it’s hard to stop all the mean comments, Spencer also started thinking about her health.

She realized that her weight gain was making her feel slower and causing problems. Besides dealing with online pressure, she knew it was important to get healthier by losing weight.

How did Kitty Gain Weight?

Kitty Spencer before weight loss

When the interviewer asked Spencer what was the main reason behind her weight gain in the first place, she replied, “It was terrifying! I was 26 and working full-time for a charity, and I loved it, but it was very different from that world of style.”

She added, “I went home and spoke to my family, and my mum said, ‘Well, why don’t you?’ I thought, ‘I’m going to do it for my older self, so I can look back and say I did it.’” 

How did Kitty Lose Weight?

Once Spencer decided she wanted to lose weight, the next thing she needed to do was create a good plan to make it happen.

First, she talked to her doctor to get some advice. Then, she got in touch with a personal trainer who knew a lot about staying healthy. The trainer helped her figure out what foods to eat and what exercises to do.

Kitty’s weight loss success came from making smart choices. She stopped eating things that weren’t good for her and started eating more nutritious foods. On top of that, she spent a lot of time exercising, which played a big role in helping her lose weight.

Kitty’s Diet Plan

Spencer’s diet plan consisted of healthy homemade foods. The first and foremost thing she did was give up all kinds of processed food. For two months, Spencer avoided dining out at restaurants. Instead, she only ate organic meat, vegetables, and fruits. 

Talking about her diet, Spencer said, “What surprises me the most is that people accuse me of eating cakes and pastries but sugary foods are really not my thing.”

Kitty would start her day with a glass of protein shake and eat egg whites. Most of the time, her lunch consisted of a bowl of Caesar salad along with fried salmon fish. And for dinner, Spencer’s choice was either spaghetti or pasta. This healthy diet proved to be very efficient in her weight loss journey. As of now, Kitty eats more of a balanced diet.

Kitty’s Workout Plan

While explaining her experience with working out, Kitty said, “I remember trying to be really healthy, going to the gym and doing that sort of stuff, and when I tried on the dress for a fitting, Domenico (Dolce) was like, ‘Have you lost weight?’”.

She said, “I proudly answered, ‘Yes!’ and he said, ‘OK, now the measurements are different.’ There was no emphasis on size. That’s not what it’s about at all.” To lose weight, Spencer started spending more time in the gym.

She would lift weights, would do push-ups, squats, planks, and many other exercises. Kitty also exercised yoga. This combination resulted in a rapid weight loss.

Before & After Weight Loss

Kitty Spencer before after weight loss

After working out regularly and eating healthy foods, Spencer has successfully lost 30 pounds. Now, she weighs 132 pounds, which is quite different from her previous weight of 162 pounds. This means she’s not only feeling better but also looking after her health in a great way!

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Final Words

Sometimes it is not what others say. Sometimes it is really what matters to you. And this is the case with Spencer’s weight loss.

Certainly, there were critics and they did play a big part in making Kitty go for weight loss. But at the end of the day, Spencer improved her health and changed her physique.

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