Ree Drummond before after weight loss Ree Drummond before after weight loss

Ree Drummond Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before and After

You probably know Ree Drummond for her mouthwatering recipes that she shares on her blog, The Pioneer Woman. Her cooking tips and delicious dishes have made her quite famous among food enthusiasts.

In 2011, she took her love for food to the next level by launching her own TV show with the same title. This move skyrocketed her popularity, and her fan base has been growing ever since. In fact, she even made it to Forbes’ Top 25 Web Celebrities list, ranking 22nd!

But there’s more to Ree Drummond’s story than just her culinary talents. Recently, she’s gained attention for a different reason – her impressive weight loss journey.

Ree openly admitted that she had been feeling down for a while and wanted a change. When the pandemic hit, she decided it was the perfect time to embark on her weight loss journey.

Remarkably, Ree has shed more than 60 pounds, leaving her fans astounded and eager to learn her secrets. True to her caring nature, she didn’t leave her fans hanging.

Ree answered all their burning questions and even penned a comprehensive blog post detailing how she achieved this incredible feat.

If you’re curious to know more about Ree Drummond’s inspiring journey to a healthier self, keep reading. There are plenty of interesting facts waiting to be uncovered!

Ree Drummond’s Weight Loss Journey

Ree Drummond weight loss journey

While binge-eating and watching one night in her home, Ree witnessed a revolution in her thoughts. “I basically hit rock bottom eating chips and salsa one night”, Ree remembered the night. She continued, “I went a little overboard, but I thought that night, ‘I am going to start tomorrow, I am doing something different“. 

This realization was so startling for her. At that moment, Drummond knew that she should do something about it otherwise it would become a problem. With all this, the question that we are left with is:

How did Ree Lose Weight?

Ree Drummond weight loss journey

As a chef, Ree had a very good idea about food. So, it did not take long to find out what was causing the problem.

Lots of sugar eating was boosting her weight even further. So, she started changing her lifestyle. Drummond made a huge change not only in her appearance but in her way of living as well.

Following is the list of Ten Things that Ree did in order to lose weight:

1. She counted what she ate

Ree started keeping a record of whatever she ate. Ree said that she never thought that this would help her in losing weight. Drummond said that she started counting things in terms of grams. She also focused on how many calories she was taking in a single day.

Ree wrote, “I still ate good food. I just ate less of it, and I valued the calories more and made sure I ate things that offered more nutritional bang for the buck”.

2. Calories in, Calories out

She not only counted every calorie she had, but she also burnt it. “I used online calculators to get a rough idea of what that weight maintenance calorie count might be”, Ree said. She wouldn’t let a single unnecessary calorie in her body. Ree burns calories through exercise.

3. Focus on Protein

When Ree said that she was counting food she really meant it. She really went full-on counting. Drummond also gives a lot of attention to protein consumption. As protein is a very good nutrient for weight loss, giving it a priority was totally understandable.

It helps in losing weight by burning fat and building muscles. Ree ate protein-rich foods such as lean beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, cod, egg whites, and raw almonds.

4. Giving Up Alcohol

Alcohol is one of those things which play the part of fuel in weight gain. Alcohol makes you feel hungry while you are not and in this way, you end up consuming a lot of unnecessary calories. “I didn’t drink a sip of alcohol for four months”, Ree told her fans. 

She has a substitute though. Drummond has changed her alcohol consumption by drinking fresh fruits and veggies juice. She also likes to have Taquila.

5. Getting Rid of Unnecessary Sugar Consumption

Ree started having sugar in a way that she had before. As sugar has a huge amount of calories, it made a big difference. Ree said about having a piece of cake occasionally, “All of that said, were there days I gave in and had a piece of cake? Yes! I’m The Pioneer Woman and I love food! Ha. But the piece of cake was the size of Rhode Island instead of Texas, and it wasn’t an everyday thing”.

6. Ree did a lot of Exercises

Ree also added a strict workout routine to her daily schedule. At first, it proved to be a very hard part of the day but as she became accustomed to it the workout routine never bored her. Drummond joined a gym, however, most of the time, she would work out at her home.

She would run 2 to 3 miles on a daily basis. Ree would also do the rowing machine, which was in her living room. She exercised six days a week, leaving Sundays only.

7. Ree Focused on Building Muscles

In the passage of time, Ree had gradually gained weight and she wanted to get rid of it. The best way of it was to replace fat with muscles. In this way, she would have a strong body. “I Googled and researched and ultimately determined that I needed to build more muscle mass since muscle burns more calories than fat”, said Ree.

As Ree didn’t have much experience in building muscles, she needed a trainer. For this, she took the help of her husband, Ladd Drummond. He taught her how to do lunges, push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and the rest of the cardio workout.

8. Switching to a Standing Desk

Ree made a remarkable change to her living room by putting a table in the middle of it. She said that she did it to remind her about her daily workout session. “It made a huge difference“, Ree remarked.

9. Using Happy Scale

Ree used an app on her mobile to keep track of her weight. “It doesn’t tell you how to lose weight, and it doesn’t track calories, exercise, or anything other than your daily weigh-in“, She gave a description of the app.

She continued, “It’s not ideal if you just want to lose five or ten pounds, but since I had a larger target to hit, it was the right kind of tool for me”.

10. Keep Pushing

60 pounds down and still going. Ree has continued her same routine over time. She said that it wasn’t over. The number is not a matter to her. Drummond said that she wanted to change her life once and for all. So, yeah her weight loss journey isn’t over. The way it seems, it will not be over any sooner.

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Before & After Weight Loss

Ree Drummond before after weight loss

Ree’s incredible dedication and hard work have paid off with a remarkable 60-pound weight loss. Her current weight stands at 152 pounds, which is quite a change from her previous weight of 212 pounds.

This impressive transformation not only reflects her determination but also serves as an inspiration to others looking to embark on their own weight loss journeys. It’s a testament to what can be achieved through commitment and perseverance.

Final Words

By losing that much weight, Drummond has proven that determination is everything. She had her goal right in front of her the whole time. And since she has achieved that goal, Ree wants to keep going. Her weight loss journey is perfect for anyone who is looking to shed some extra pounds.

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