Before and after kevin belton Before and after kevin belton

Kevin Belton Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After Journey

Have you ever wondered what a chef does most of the time? Well, it’s pretty obvious, right? They’re all about food, food, and more food! Now, there’s nothing wrong with preparing delicious meals, but they sometimes end up eating too much.

One of the chef’s jobs is to taste the food they’re cooking to make sure it’s just right for others. But because of this, they can end up eating a lot of calories every day without even realizing it.

Let’s take the famous American Chef, Kevin Belton, for example. You’ve probably seen him on TV, cooking up mouthwatering dishes. He’s a fantastic chef, no doubt about it. However, his job made him gain a lot of weight. I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted when they’re surrounded by all that delicious food?

As time passed, Belton reached a point where doctors told him he had to do something about his weight. His blood pressure was going up, and he was facing other health problems as well. That’s when he got really worried and decided to make a change. And guess what? He figured it out. Just as his weight had gone up slowly, he started losing it gradually too.

If you’ve been following Kevin for a while, you might not have noticed much of a difference. But if you compare him to his photos from three years ago, you’ll see a lot of positive changes.

In an interview, Belton said, “I’ve been working on this for a long time. I constantly think about the food. I knew I needed to do something because I was feeling uncomfortable. I was told I was pre-diabetic, and my blood pressure was going up. So, my wife and I decided it was time to take action.”

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When did Kevin start the weight loss journey?

Kevin Belton Losing Weight

In the year 2017, Kevin finally decided to get rid of unhealthy and unnecessary weight. He took some serious measures after his health gave red signals.

It was not an easy job to do but Kevin had to do it. He has to be in healthy shape for himself as well as for his loved ones. 

When the famous chef started his weight loss journey he focused solely on his health and left the TV screen for some time.

While Kevin’s fans were waiting for him to break the silence and teach them some delicious recipes, he was focusing on his health and well-being. It was a more important thing to do.

How did Kevin lose weight?

After a complete period of 2 years, Kevin went active on social media in 2019, and a wave of excitement went through his fans.

When he posted his new photos, the fans were going crazy asking what Belton had done in this long time. Some were concerned about his health as well.

However, he made it clear that there was nothing wrong with his health. In fact, his health is much better than before.

When Kevin announced that he had undergone some weight loss intentionally, the fans were eager to know more.

A majority of fans asked what pills he used to lose weight. But Belton had not used any pills to lose weight.

He lost weight in a much healthier way by simply following healthy rules. The fans were excited for a reason, Kevin’s weight loss was massive.

In the period of two years, he lost almost half of himself. Here is what he did to lose weight.

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Diet Plan

Belton followed a low-carb diet. A low-carb diet plan limits the consumption of carbohydrates. Belton avoids eating a lot of grains, starchy vegetables, and fruits.

He eats food that is high in protein. Kevin said “I eat low-carb, not no-carb because that is just not for me. I eat a lot of smaller portions. It has taken a long time and been hard but worth it.

Kevin also said “It does not feel good when you avoid eating what you loved a lot. Getting used to something new in your diet is not easy. It requires you a lot of hard work. But if you know that this is the right thing. Not only the right but necessary thing to do. Then it does not seem hard to change.

He also substituted green tea with fresh juices. 

Workout Plan

Kevin also started a disciplined workout plan. A unique thing about Belton’s workout was that it was not intense.

He took it easy. This is why it took this long period for Belton to get in shape. In a tweet, the chef said “It has taken me over two years but I’ve lost 130lbs. I exercise every day with my wife and puppy cookie Monster.” 

He has joined a gym but he does maximum workouts at home with his wife. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Before and after kevin belton

Kevin has lost a significant amount of weight due to his hard work. In two years Belton has lost more than 58 kgs (130 lbs).

Big deal, isn’t it? Before starting the weight loss journey his weight was 133 kgs (295 lbs). But now his weight is 75 kgs (165 lbs).

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What has Kevin said about weight loss?

Kevin said “I had to do something about it. It’s been over two years, and I still have some left to go, but my doc said I could easily have ended 10-20 years of my life. And I feel so much better and grateful for it.” This is a great benefit of losing weight. It not only saves you from a lot of diseases but also increases your life span.

Some quick facts

Kevin Belton was born on 1st January 1960. He is an American chef. Kevin is also a television presenter and author of 3 books.

He lives with his wife, Monica Belton, and children. Due to the recent crisis of Covid-19 Kevin was also limited to his home just like other people. He spent the days of quarantine with his family. He also quit the gym.


Just like every typical chef Kevin’s life is also filled with food. However, he has now learned to keep himself from eating unnecessarily.

We can learn the kind of patience from Kevin Belton which is absolutely necessary for every walk in our life. If you are also suffering from obesity or you are trying to stay healthy then Kevin’s way can help you.

You can follow his diet plan and get some healthy results. Obesity is really a big problem in today’s world and a great majority of people are obese.

This is all because of all luxury of today’s world but a great part is played by unhealthy fast food in this. I hope that Kevin’s story will help you in fighting back against obesity.