Kyle Richards before after weight loss Kyle Richards before after weight loss

Kyle Richards Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Richards is an American actress, socialite, and TV personality. She started her acting career at a very young age.

Kyle has also appeared on multiple reality TV series such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle is the last remaining original cast member on the show.

Richards has always taken care of her health and fitness and she is known as one of the fittest actresses in Hollywood.

However, it changed when Covid-19 hit the world. As the virus was ramping up outside, we were all stuck at our homes in quarantine.

And so was Kyle. As all the gyms were shut down, and she wasn’t allowed to go out, Richards had to stay at home.

She put on some extra pounds. This was a very upsetting situation for her as she had never experienced weight gain before.

So, as soon as quarantine ended, Kyle reached out for help. She consulted with a personal trainer and embarked on her weight loss journey.

After working hard and abstaining from unhealthy things, Richards succeeded in getting rid of the gained weight. She was very happy about that, however, some of her fans were not happy at all, about which we will talk later.

Kyle Richards’ Weight Loss Journey

Kyle Richards weight loss

Talking about her hardships, Kyle said, “I really wanted to look and feel my best. I was actually terrified about turning 50 because the number sounded so scary.”

She added, “I’ve always struggled with my weight. I’ve always worked out and dieted my entire life because I have to because I’m not naturally thin.

So I’m like, ‘Well, I’ve got to do something different so that when I turn 50 I’m gonna feel really amazing.’”

And with that attitude, she embarked on her weight loss journey. To lose weight, she changed her diet plan completely.

Although Kyle made big changes to her diet, her main focus was on her exercise routine. She got help from her trainer in this regard.

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Kyle’s Diet Plan

Whereas before, Richards used to drink Coca-Cola occasionally, she now gave up consuming everything that had even a small amount of processed sugar in it.

Talking about her new diet plan, she said, “I don’t have any bad things in my diet. I eat really well.”

Along with eliminating processed sugar from her diet, Kyle also put a limit on her alcohol consumption. And with that, she also gave up eating fast food.

Instead, she turned to consuming more of her handmade foods, which made a very big difference in her transformation. She also started reading Medical Medium.

Kyle said, “I start my day with a glass of celery juice.” And after that, she visits the gym. To lose weight, Kyle started eating more vegetables and fruits and reduced meat in her diet. All these efforts led to a significant change in her weight.

After maintaining her diet plan and working out in the gym, Richards succeeded in losing 30 pounds. This was a very big moment for her.

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Kyle’s Workout Plan

Right after the end of the lockdown, Kyle started gymming. She would spend two hours daily there except on Sunday.

Kyle would do almost every kind of workout. From lifting weights to pull-ups and from running on the treadmill to boxing. She also practiced a lot of stretching to help her bones and muscles become strong.

Besides her workout session, Kyle also meditated daily. Talking about this, she said, “It helps me in getting in touch with myself. It helps me realize where I am. It helps me in achieving peace of mind.”

Although Richards is now 50 years old, her workout routine and healthy eating habits have kept her ageless. Not only has it helped her in staying ageless, but it has also made her life healthy and fit.

Before & After Weight Loss

Kyle Richards before after weight loss

Kyle’s dedication and decision to avoid unhealthy habits have brought her back to her previous shape. After losing an impressive 30 pounds, she now weighs 125 pounds, which is quite a change from her earlier weight of 155 pounds.

Kyle’s Fans’ Reaction Over Her Weight Loss

When Kyle shared her new photo on Instagram, she received a mixture of reactions from her fans.

While most of Richards’ fans were congratulating her on her achievement, there were still some who didn’t like her losing weight.

They blamed her for body-shaming. While criticizing Kyle, one fan wrote,

“If there’s anything this quarantine experience should teach us is that who freaking cares about how much weight we put on or off It could be so much worse.

Embrace those extra pounds. Besides, you have all the money in the world to take them off in a week.”

Kyle couldn’t help but reply saying, “It takes discipline and hard work to lose weight and get in shape. Not money”.

At the end of the day, nobody can argue with Richards on this point.

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Final Words

By losing weight through sheer hard work, Richards has disproved the myth that losing weight requires money.

The only thing that you need to live a healthy life is the power of will.

By shedding extra pounds, the American actress has also set a great example for her fans.

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