Alan Faneca Weight Loss [2023], Before and After Journey

Alan is a former American football player. He has played as a guard in NFL for 13 seasons.

After playing college football for Lousiana State University, Faneca was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1998.

Alan has also played for New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals throughout his career.

Since his retirement, Faneca has changed a lot. And if you’ve not been following him for a long time, chances are that you wouldn’t even recognize Alan now.

After retiring from football, Faneca diverted his attention to a new frontier, long-distance running.

While Alan was playing football, his heaviest weight was 316 pounds, fair enough to block anyone’s path.

However, since then, he has lost more than 100 pounds, which has made quite a big difference in Faneca’s appearance.

And since Alan wasn’t appearing in front of the public after retirement, his huge weight loss shocked his fans when he shared his new photo on Twitter.

So, how did he do that? How did a former football player become a runner and lost more than 100 pounds?

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Alan Faneca’s Weight Loss Journey

Alan Faneca weight loss

Faneca was thinking about losing weight for quite a long time as it was slowing him down.

However, being a football player, he couldn’t do that. But soon after retirement, Alan was free to do whatever he wanted to. So, he began distance running.

Along with starting running, he also started controlling his calorie consumption.

He reduced daily calorie consumption by a big margin, from 4000 kcal per day to 1800 kcal.

Along with running and changing his diet, Alan also started spending more time at the gym.

All this hard work paid off in the end and Alan lost a huge amount of weight. This had a very big impact on his overall health.

He felt that he was now at more ease. Not only moving but every kind of workout became super easy to do.

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Before & After Weight Loss

Alan Faneca before after weight loss

After changing his diet and workout plan completely, Faneca succeeded in losing more than 100 pounds.

He dropped his weight from 316 pounds to 210 pounds

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Final Words

By losing weight after retirement and joining totally a different field, Alan has proved that retirement isn’t the end.

On the contrary, it’s the start of a new chapter of one’s life.

I hope that Alan’s weight loss story gives you enough motivation to fight hardships in life.

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