Rick Ross before and after weight loss Rick Ross before and after weight loss

Rick Ross Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The American rapper, Rick Ross, has consistently demonstrated his talent in the music industry. Writers have often praised his remarkable entry into the music scene. Rick Ross embarked on his musical journey by securing a multimillion-dollar deal with Jay-Z.

Rick’s music career is indeed fascinating, but today, we’re focusing on a different aspect of his life. Recently, Rick Ross has been making headlines, not for his music, but for his health.

In a surprising transformation, Rick Ross has shed a whopping 100 pounds, which naturally grabbed everyone’s attention.

Such a dramatic change in his appearance left fans astonished as he became almost unrecognizable. However, his dedicated fans immediately took to social media to discuss his incredible weight loss.

Many fans had their own theories about this drastic change. Some speculated that Rick might be facing health issues, while others simply praised his new look. So, what’s the secret behind Rick Ross’s remarkable 100-pound weight loss? Let’s find out!

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Why did Ross Lose Weight?

Rick Ross weight loss journey

While Rick was enjoying his success and career and was busy with his music, he kind of lost track of his health. Which resulted in two severe seizures. And the shocking thing was that they both happened in a single day, within 6 hours.

Rick was quickly rushed to the hospital where doctors told him to “lose some weight”. In his interview with Men’s Health, Ross said, “I think what truly inspired (weight loss) was me suffering my first seizure. I realized I had to change my diet and my sleeping habits. Here we are”.

Ross had reached an alarming situation where he weighed about 350 pounds of all the busyness. After doctors gave him the advice, Rick started his weight loss journey.

Rick Ross’ Weight Loss Journey

When Ross embarked on the journey to lose weight, he tried to find a way to do it. There were many quick fixes in the market, but he wasn’t in for a short-term solution. So when Rick decided to lose weight, he was in mentally and physically.

Rick committed himself entirely to the cause of weight loss. He changed his eating habits completely. Along with exercising moderation in his eating, Ross also followed a strict workout routine that helped him stay disciplined throughout the journey. Here are the details:

Rick Ross’ Diet Plan

When Ross thought about controlling his eating habits, he faced a dilemma. The old negative habits that were built over the years proved to be very hard to change. Here’s how Rick described the problem, “If I quit all the things I loved like cold turkey and everything, I knew it would only be so long before I went back to my old ways”.

However, as mentioned earlier, Rick was completely committed to it and started practicing moderation in his diet. The hardest part was giving up fast food. Before the weight loss journey, Ross was in love with fast food. There was not a single day he didn’t stop to grab a pizza or burger.

After giving up fast food, he shifted to a plant-based diet. Rick has limited his drinking as well. Most of the time, he would substitute it with fresh veggies or fruit juice. So, this is Ross’ diet plan now; let’s turn to his workout plan.

Rick’s Workout Plan

The American rapper would start his workout routine after eating breakfast. “My fitness goal is just staying alive, staying healthy, watching my kids grow up,” Ross explained the motive behind it. He continued, “Other than that, I’m already a sex symbol”.

There was a unique thing in Rick’s workout plan. Sure, working out with music is cool but have you ever done it with your buddies? Rick would have his friends invited and then they would do workouts together. He even had a badass name for this daily routine, “RossFit”.

Before & After Weight Loss

Rick Ross before and after weight loss

In contrast to his former weight of 350 lbs, Rick Ross has undergone a remarkable transformation and now weighs approximately 249 lbs. This incredible shift represents a substantial positive change in his life, particularly when it comes to his health.

Losing 100 lbs is no small feat; it’s like saying goodbye to two fully-grown golden retrievers! Rick’s journey towards a healthier weight is an inspiring one.

It’s not just about shedding pounds; it’s about embracing a healthier lifestyle. He’s made conscious choices to improve his well-being, and this achievement deserves applause.

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Final Words

We don’t notice it, but our body talks with us. It tries to tell us what is wrong. Sure, it speaks in a different language, but that’s not very hard to understand. Just take Rick’s case; how did his body warn him about being unhealthy and overweight?

The task is to understand and notice those signs. It is where the real lesson lies. In the end, I want to finish this article with Ross’ advice for anyone who is looking forward to getting rid of unhealthy weight, “My advice for anyone looking to lose weight is to not make it feel like a job.”

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