Kim Kardashian before after weight loss Kim Kardashian before after weight loss

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, media personality, model, and businesswoman who became famous for her appearances on reality TV and her massive following on social media. She got her start in the public eye as a close friend of Paris Hilton.

However, her big break came when she joined her family’s TV show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” In addition to being on TV, Kim is a big deal on the internet, with millions of fans on Twitter and Instagram. She’s known for sharing a lot of her life with her followers.

Kim Kardashian faced some health challenges when it came to having children. Doctors even advised her not to give birth again for the sake of her health. So, instead of having her third and fourth kids the traditional way, she opted for surrogacy.

Recently, Kim did something that really surprised her fans. She managed to lose 16 pounds in just 21 days, which raised concerns because it seemed very risky. People criticized her for it, and we’ll dive into the whole story to understand what happened.

Why did Kim Lose Weight?

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Kardashian lost weight because she wanted to wear the dress of the legendary American actress, Marilyn Monroe, at the Met Gala.

As strange as it might sound, it is the reason behind her drastic weight loss.

She said that if she didn’t fit in the dress, she wouldn’t even go to Met Gala.

Talking with Allure, Kim said, “It was a roller coaster of emotions. To even find the dress was a feat, and then to get them to allow me to wear the dress was another feat.

You have to wear gloves and there are guards and you had to put down the special paper.” 

She added, “I think the dresser was shaking because if anything rips if anything goes wrong, you know? This is Marilyn’s dress. And it absolutely did not fit.”

And in order to fit into that dress, Kim embarked on her weight loss journey.

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How did Kim Lose Weight?

Kim Kardashian before weight loss

The thing that shocked almost everyone was how she lost weight. There is no doubt that Kardashian followed the riskiest way.

Sure, she did have a personal nutritionist, but still, it was a dangerous thing to do. Talking about Kim’s diet, her dietician, Elaina Efird, said,

“Losing 16 pounds in 21 days is technically possible, but only through extreme and very unhealthy measures such as starvation or semi-starvation.

It perpetuates the narrative that you shouldn’t wear clothes at your current size and that instead, you should be changing your body.”

To lose weight, Kim changed her daily routine drastically. She cut down her daily calorie consumption by a very big margin.

Not only that, she started eating meat and replaced her old plant-based diet. Along with controlling her diet plan, Kardashian also did a lot of working out.

She started spending almost half of her day at the gym. During that time, she followed a rigorous workout plan.

She would lift weights, run for hours on the treadmill, and do cardio workouts. This combined with her completely new diet resulted in a quick weight loss.

Before & After Weight Loss

Kim Kardashian before after weight loss

In just 21 days, Kim Kardashian managed to shed 16 pounds, going from 132 pounds down to 116 pounds. This sudden weight loss surprised her fans and left them wondering how she did it.

The Aftermath of Sudden Weight Loss

Although Kim succeeded in losing that much weight in a short time, she did suffer consequences.

“Psoriasis broke out over my body and I got psoriatic arthritis so I couldn’t really move my hands.

It was really painful, and I had to go to a rheumatologist who put me on a steroid. I was freaking out,” she said, “It’s calmed down now.”

Criticism and Kim’s Response

After Kardashian appeared at the Met Gala in Marilyn Monroe’s dress, she was severely criticized.

She was accused of promoting unrealistic beauty standards and dangerous weight loss ideals. She was also accused of body shaming.

Kardashian couldn’t wait and replied, “If I was starving and doing it really unhealthy, I would say that, of course, that’s not a good message.

But I had a nutritionist, I had a trainer. I have never drunk more water in my life.

I don’t see criticism for other people when they lost weight for roles. They are considered geniuses for their craft.”

She further said, “I think I’ve always just been the underdog. Being on a reality show and that’s not respected.

Feeling like I need to work harder to show you guys that I’m not the person you think.”

Final Words

In case you are thinking of following Kim’s path, just drop the idea. Her story tells us that it is a very dangerous path to go.

Kardashian knew and admitted that what she was doing was dangerous even though she had a nutritionist.

It is not only dangerous but it is also not worth it. If you are thinking to lose weight, go for a safer and healthier way.

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