Dana Cutler Weight Loss [2023]: Before and After

Dana, an American lawyer, is well-known for her legal expertise. Alongside her husband, Keith Cutler, she’s a skilled trial attorney. What set her on the path to fame was her appearance on the TV show “Couples Court With The Cutlers,” where they resolved relationship issues.

You might also recognize her from her stint on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” However, Dana later disappeared from the public eye and then made a surprising return.

Fans noticed a significant change in her appearance as she had gained some weight, and she opened up about her battle with diabetes.

But the story took another turn when Dana decided to kickstart her weight loss journey.

She made a remarkable transformation, which left her fans both congratulating her on her achievement and concerned about her health.

Let’s explore Dana’s inspiring journey of overcoming challenges and working towards better health.

Dana Cutler’s Weight Loss Journey

Dana Cutler

As everyone was stuck in their homes during quarantine, Dana thought that it was a perfect time to lose weight. As she was at home most of the time, Dana made some big changes to her diet plan. She also started exercising. And her husband, Keith, helped her.

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Dana’s Diet Plan

First of all, she cut down unhealthy processed food from her diet and exchanged it with homemade food.

She limited the amount of meat that she ate and incorporated more vegetables into her diet. Cutler also ate a lot of fruits.

It not only helped her in losing weight, but it also made her fast and stronger. To fight urges to eat something, Dana drank a lot of water.

It worked in her favor in every way. While it killed those urges, it also produced a lot of energy in Dana, which she used in working out. 

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Dana’s Workout Plan

Although she hasn’t shared much about her workout plan, it is known that during the lockdown, Dana exercised with her husband at home. She also ran for an hour on the treadmill. Along with working out, Cutler also practiced the ancient practice of yoga.

While maintaining a healthy diet plan helped Dana not gain further weight, her workout plan made sure that she lost her old weight. Within months, we saw a huge change in her appearance, which was bound to be noticed.

Before & After Weight Loss

Dana Cutler before after weight loss

Dana managed to shed 30 pounds by making changes to her diet and exercising regularly. Now, she’s a healthy 170 pounds, quite different from her previous weight of 200 pounds.

Final Words

This was Cutler’s weight loss journey, on the path of which, she succeeded in losing weight. So, those of you, who are worried about her health, know that she is fine and is getting better. Dana has also set a great example for others, who want to lose weight.

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  1. I love her and her hubby! God bless them in every step of this journey I would love to come to your court sometime I watch you everyday!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! She looks amazing! Good for her, especially since she has diabetes. I love that she did the weight loss in a healthy way.

    I love the Cutlers! They are my absolute favorite couple on tv. They are a wonderful, positive couple that show how a real marriage should be. They always show the utmost respect for each other. It’s so nice to see that in this day and age when so many couples have toxic relationships. I hope they’re together forever!

  3. Kudos to you for te amazing weight loss. You look great! Keep up the good work and I hope they bring you guys back on TV, I loved your show.

  4. Dana is a beautiful lady. I read somewhere that they are retiring from Couples Court. I hope its not true. I love them both so much. Couples Court is part of my day and has been for many years.

  5. Mrs. Cutler looks awesome! I love the show and her hair is always beautiful. You guys are a wonderful example of love and respect in marriage. God bless!

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