Alton Brown Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The scope of things that Alton does is so huge that fans from one of his particular fields don’t even know other amazing talents that Brown has. He is a TV personality, author, actor, cinematographer, musician, and chef.

Brown is well-known for preparing healthy dishes. He is also a good-looking and handsome man with a very healthy appearance. However, things have not been always this way. It took Alton months of hard work where he is right now (speaking in terms of health).

He has a history of struggles with obesity. Alton had to lose 50 pounds to reach where he is today. With the sudden change in Brown’s appearance, a lot of his fans became suspicious. Some were even worried about his health. 

They had no idea that Alton’s health wasn’t declining instead, he was losing weight on purpose. There were a lot of questions, flooding Brown’s inbox. Which asked about his sudden weight loss. Here, we are going to discuss Alton’s weight loss journey in detail. Let’s find out the details.

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Alton Brown’s Weight Loss Journey

Alton Brown weight loss journey

Alton started his weight loss journey exactly at the same time he started his chef career. He was well aware of the fact that if he was to become a chef, he better lose weight. Because record tells that chefs have to struggle with increasing weight as their mere work is cooking delicious food which has very strong temptation.

Brown lost weight by making some important changes to his lifestyle. Those changes were not only physical but mental as well. In other words, Brown changed the way he saw weight gain. Which we will discuss later. Alton altered his diet plan. With that, he also joined a gym to burn calories which proved to be pretty well. Here are the details:

Alton’s Diet Plan

Brown’s described the way he saw diet as, “Having wrestled with weight my whole life, I knew that a diet based on denial based simply on don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t eat this, don’t eat that would ultimately fail for me”. 

He continued, “I rebel against that. I knew if I was going to design a plan that had any hope of success, it would have to be based on not things I couldn’t eat but things I had to eat because that’s more proactive”.

So, instead of wasting his day by figuring out what to stay away from, Brown embarked on the search for healthy foods. He started his own research, which made the basis of his being an author.  Brown likes to keep things natural. He went full organic.

Where before Alton ate a lot of processed food, now his eating menu consisted more of organic meat, fruits, and veggies. He made a bowl of salad mandatory on his dining table. Brown maintains that the main reason people don’t like natural food is that they have never tried it.

The main goal should be to eat the food as it is without “putting anything on it”. He explained the experience as “You’d be amazed how delicious food really is. If you get your diet adjusted properly, your tastes change and you respond more to the natural flavours in things.”

By eating healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, and organic chicken, Alton has made huge progress and he still keeps his diet plan straight. He hasn’t changed the way he eats since he embarked on the journey.

Alton Takes Responsibility

Brown believes that we are responsible for our eating habits and it makes perfect sense. His philosophy is that we are free to choose what we want to eat and we know perfectly what is good and what is not good for us. If nevertheless, they fall into the pit of obesity it is their weakness.

Brown said that “It’s just really easy for people to shirk responsibility. You’re handing the responsibility for feeding yourself to someone else. You have to hunt and gather. It takes effort, thinking, energy.”

Brown says that expose yourself to fast food as little as possible. As it triggers the old habit patterns, staying away from fast food for beginners is very important. Alton may sound a little bit strict but he is not. He says that it is okay if you fail once or twice facing temptation. But after that, it is you who is choosing to fail again and again.

Alton’s Workout Plan

Alton’s workout plan is quite simple. He says move as much as possible. Brown prefers walking as compared to driving. He runs, hikes, and swims. Besides that Alton has also joined a gym where he lifts weight for almost half an hour on daily basis except Sundays.

He said about weightlifting, “Weightlifting is the secret for men, especially. Weightlifting builds muscle, and muscle needs to eat.”

Before & After

Alton Brown Before After Weight Loss

After changing his lifestyle completely, Brown’s current weight is 154 pounds. A huge change as compared to his old weight, 204 pounds. He has lost 50 pounds along the way.

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Final Words

By reading about Brown’s weight loss journey one can easily conclude that losing weight is not a hard thing to do as the fuss it has created. Whenever weight loss is mentioned people imagine a person in the gym sweating badly and struggling for breath. However, the reality is quite different as Brown has shown to us. He has not only lost 50 pounds but has maintained it for more than 2 years.

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