lorna fitzgerald before & after weight loss lorna fitzgerald before & after weight loss

Lorna Fitzgerald Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

Lorna Fitzgerald became really famous for playing Abi Branning in EastEnders. But she’s changed a lot since then.

Fitzgerald went on an amazing weight loss journey that’s helped her begin a new chapter with a healthier lifestyle. If you’re a fan of Lorna Fitzgerald, you might be curious about her diet, workout routine, and daily habits. In this article, we’ll cover all these topics.

Don’t stop reading till the end. Let’s explore it all!

Weight Loss Journey

lorna fitzgerald in red dress

She started her weight loss after having a tough time with her boyfriend and they separated. And why are they separated? that’s a story for another day.

After the breakup, Lorna Fitzgerald was suffering from stress but after some time. She stood up and started a new journey. Lorna started working on her body to look more healthy and attractive. 

lorna fitzgerald crying

Diet Plan

Lorna didn’t talk about her weight loss on any online platform but some of our sources said that she followed a very simple but effective diet.

She wasn’t overweight before but she had some more pounds she had gained in the past. Lorna stop drinking soda and sugary drinks, which was very easy for her. She does drink soda or any drink occasionally but not always. 

The other important thing she did was drink as much water as possible daily. She replaces others to drink with water. This keeps her full all day and causes her to eat fewer foods. 

That’s a very simple and effective tip to follow for anyone who wants to lose weight easily. 

Workout Plan

Lorna also followed a workout routine. She focused on easy exercises so that it would be easy for her to stick with them. Walking for 10-20 min daily in the morning and doing weight lifting were on her routine.

She still does some walking and other exercises she likes. Lorna also suggests being active in physical sports. This helps us to boost our health to the next level. 

How much weight did Lorna Fitzgerald Lose?

She has lost around 18-20 pounds in these years. Before starting her weight loss journey Lorna’s weight was around 120-122 pounds.

But after a lot of struggle, she managed to lose some extra weight. Now she is enjoying her healthy lifestyle but also continuing her good eating habits.

Before & After Weight Loss

lorna fitzgerald before & after weight loss

Check out these before-and-after photos of Lorna Fitzgerald’s weight loss journey. In the first picture, you can see she gained some extra weight over time. But in the second picture, she successfully shed that weight.

Where is Lorna now in her journey?

Lorna Fitzgerald after weight loss

She is working on some new upcoming projects and still continues her daily healthy routine to keep her energetic and happy.

Final Words

If you are a person who wanted to lose then I hope you will get some inspiration for Lorna Fitzgerald’s weight loss Journey. Her journey is great hope for those who are going through difficult times as Lorna was.

But she didn’t let her emotions destroy her. She stood up and changed her life to start a new journey.

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