Tessa Brooks before after weight loss Tessa Brooks before after weight loss

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

The popular YouTuber, Tessa Brooks, recently shared some exciting news with her fans and followers. She successfully lost 20 pounds, and this unexpected revelation surprised many of her supporters.

Tessa Brooks is well-known for her vibrant personality and unique content on YouTube. People have always seen her as a confident and fantastic person.

However, when Tessa announced her weight loss, it left her fans with some questions. They were curious about why she decided to lose weight in the first place.

Why did Tessa lose weight?

Tessa Brooks weight loss journey

So, the question boils down to why Tessa Brooks lost weight in the first place. In the video Brooks said that she loves “every type of body” but she always thought that there was room for improvement in her physique.

In Tessa’s words, she always felt like she had a “Muscly and Tiny body” that she always wanted to improve. Because if mistakenly she overeats, her weight would increase automatically. Besides Brooks also wanted to change her “eating and exercise habits” to be a better person.

Brooks said that whenever she felt down or not motivated, she would just “eat her feelings away”. Tessa had in mind that she was gaining unhealthy weight and needed to work on that.

Brooks had tried in past to lose weight. She said “I am trying to lose weight for a year. The problem is that whenever I lose 5 or 10 pounds I would gain the same again. Thanks to my eating habits.” But this time she decided to really lose pounds and then keep on that road.

She always encourages her fans to be happy and satisfied with who they are. But she also promotes the idea of “getting better with time” if you need improvement and you can do it.

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How did Tessa lose weight?

After knowing why Tessa lost weight the second favorite question of her fans was ‘How she did it?’ Brooks’ way of losing weight is very interesting and in many ways so simple.

Whenever you listen to or read ‘Weight Loss’, I bet there must be a picture of a person who is sweating badly in the gym and is only eating vegetables. That’s not how Tessa lost weight.

She did follow a well-prepared diet plan. But she went easy on that. Tessa also did exercise. Let’s dive into her Diet and Workout plan.

Diet Plan

As mentioned earlier, Tessa didn’t put much pressure on herself. She followed a healthy and lighter diet plan. In her vlog, the social media influencer said “I cut out all the dairy that I was consuming. Cutting out dairy was a huge thing for me.”

She continued “It also kind of cleaned my skin which was a bonus. I tried to be very mindful about what I was eating. If there were two meals at a restaurant that I like, I would go with the healthier ones.”

Tessa explained her daily routine as follows:

For breakfast, she will have a smoothie. For lunch Brooks will have “something light, like a salad and sometimes chicken tacos that were dairy free. Because four tacos had only 190 calories it was a very good choice”.

Tessa defined dinner as the hardest part. She said, “Night was the hardest part for me because I always wanted to eat everything.” But then she learned to control herself and would remind herself about the real goal of losing weight.

She goes shopping (sometimes with her very supportive mom) every weekend and buys fresh vegetables and her favorite CHICKEN TACOS.

With all this healthy eating, healthy results were inevitable. And this simple diet helped Tessa lose 20 pounds.

Workout Plan

With healthy eating, you need a healthy workout routine too. Brooks knew it very well and she started doing workouts. The interesting part is Brooks is not a gym girl. She said “I really don’t like being stuck in the gym for like two hours. That’s not my vibe.”

She kept it simple here as well. She started off by hiking, dancing, and working out in her apartment. She does 30 minutes of Cardio before doing further workouts in one of the apartment rooms that she has fully devoted to her workout.

Tessa does abdominal crunches, cycling, and two minutes of plank. She does 20 pushups every day. Brooks also does some arm exercises and jumping lunges.“Cardio is the biggest part.” Said Tessa, “I never want to lose my muscle so that’s why I do all these other exercises.”

How does Tessa manage her weight?

Yeah, losing weight is not easy but the main thing is ‘keeping that weight that you have achieved after a lot of hard work.’ Brooks simply managed her weight by following the same routine every day.

She still follows the diet and workout plan that she mentioned 2 years ago. Brooks analyzes what she eats. She keeps it super simple. Eat simple do simple workouts every day and enjoy your healthy life.

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Before & After Weight Loss

Tessa Brooks before after weight loss

After losing 20 pounds, Tessa’s current weight is 121 pounds. Whereas her former weight was nearly 140 pounds.

What has Tessa said about weight loss?

Tessa counted the benefits of losing weight as follows “I don’t get tired as fast. My brain works better. I just have more energy.”

She gave further clarity on her decision to lose weight “I wanted to become healthy and losing weight was awesome and great but I would say every body-type is beautiful. You are beautiful the way God has created you Just focus on your health.”

Because she cares about her fans a lot. In one of her YouTube videos, she explained her whole weight loss journey.


There is a great deal to be learned from Tessa Brooks. Whenever we decide to lose some pounds we get so much excited and make a long to-do list. And we end up doing nothing at all.

We should follow Brooks in this case what she did was not get excited, she started working small.

Tessa made a simple plan that can be easily followed. And you will agree that the plan has done very well for her. I hope that Tessa’s story helps you in making your plan.