Lynette Romero before after weight loss Lynette Romero before after weight loss

Lynette Romero Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

She rose to fame for her unique and amazing style of news presentation and reporting.

Romero is an American journalist, reporter, news anchor, and TV personality. She started her career with the KTLA news network.

Lynette likes to be connected with her fans through social media.

She has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, where she shares her life and activities.

After a long time, she uploaded her new photo which seemed quite different.

Romero’s Weight Loss Journey 

Lynette Romero weight loss

Fans were quick to notice a big change in her appearance. As it seemed, Romero had lost a significant amount of weight. After being asked by many fans, she admitted that she had lost 50 pounds.

After finding out about Romero’s weight loss, the fans’ next curiosity was how did she do that. And I know that’s the reason why you are here too. So, without any further delay, let’s dive deep into Lynette’s weight loss journey.

By being busy in her professional life, Romero had completely forgotten about her health. As a result, she had gained extra weight, which was now slowing her down. Feeling the threat, she consulted with her doctor.

The doctor told her to lose weight as soon as possible. Because if she didn’t do anything about it, Romero might have had to struggle with obesity and other health-related problems.

After consulting with her doctor, Lynette decided to lose weight and get healthy.

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How did Romero Lose Weight?

As there are many ways to lose weight, Lynette felt quite confused about choosing what to do.

Her doctor, however, suggested Lynette not be too hard on herself and start with calorie cutting. And that’s how she came up with the idea of intermittent fasting.

Romero lost weight by practicing intermittent fasting and making big changes to her diet plan.

Along with controlling her diet, she also did a lot of workouts in the gym. All this effort proved to be very helpful and in the end, she got lighter by 50 pounds. 

Intermittent Fasting Proved to Be Very Tricky

Now, intermittent fasting is something that should be done with very strict discipline. It can be very dangerous if you fast for a long time.

It can also work quite contrary to your intention. Whenever you are fasting you feel hungry and robbed of energy.

If you give in to the cravings, you might face totally opposite results. Talking about fasting, Romero said, “It’s very hard. You have to observe discipline strictly. If you aren’t alert even for a brief moment, the game is over.”

Here’s Romero’s daily schedule described in her own words, I get up at 2 a.m., not hungry. I work until about 11.30 or 12. I get home around noon so, I haven’t eaten basically since the dinner the night before.” 

In answer to the question the interviewer, Romero said “It took out all the tension of what am I gonna eat. Am I gonna make healthy choices during my fasting window.

I don’t have to think about food during my feeding window,”

she added, “I wanna eat something healthy. I wanna eat something good.”

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Lynette’s Diet Plan

First of all, Lynette doesn’t eat more often and when she does, she takes care of maintaining her calorie diet.

Her lunch menu only includes a bowl of green veggies salad, sometimes a bowl of soup, and chicken breast.

Along with controlling her eating habits, Romero has also limited drinking.

She has eliminated alcohol from her life except for weekends.

Just like her lunch, Lynette’s dinner is quite simple as well.

For dinner, Romero chooses one dish from salmon, chickpeas, stuffed sweet potatoes, and loaded brown rice pasta.

Except for a glass of fresh fruit juice, she doesn’t have breakfast.

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Lynette’s Workout Plan

As mentioned before, Romero gives equal importance to her exercise routine.

She has joined a gym in her neighborhood so she doesn’t skip a day.

Lynette likes to rest at weekends and spends her time with her family.

However, she doesn’t let working out slip by. Instead of going to the gym, Lynette exercises by swimming and cycling on the weekends.

Before & After Weight Loss

Lynette Romero before after weight loss

Romero’s determination and commitment really made a difference in the end. She put in a lot of effort and it all paid off as she managed to lose a remarkable 50 pounds.

That’s quite an achievement! Her current weight is approximately 130 pounds, and when you compare that to her old weight of 180 pounds, you can see just how big a change it is. It’s a fantastic example of what hard work and determination can help you achieve.

Romero’s Recent Accident

On 17 July 2021, Romero faced an unfortunate accident. A chandelier fell on her and she faced multiple injuries.

Lynette was immediately rushed to the hospital where she got 11 stitches. As of now, Romero is healthy and well.

Final Words

Sometimes life throws difficulties at you. Yes, it does not feel good but if you face all those difficulties with bravery and courage, you are going to win the race we all call Life.

Romero is a great example of this courage and bravery. She didn’t give in and kept fighting all the difficulties.

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