Milania Giudice before after weight loss Milania Giudice before after weight loss

Milania Giudice Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Milania is best known for being the daughter of the reality TV star, Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

She has two older and one younger sister. Giudice, herself, is an influencer. Milania’s childhood hasn’t been easy because of her family’s legal issues and her mother’s going to jail.

Apart from that, her parents’ separation also affected Milania very badly. “My girls, they had to grow up quickly because of everything that we had to go through. Milania has had the hardest time,” Teresa (Milania’s mother) said.

Weight Loss Journey

Milania Giudice before weight loss

All this childhood trauma affected Giudice’s mental health and she stopped taking care of herself.

As a result of which, she gained extra weight, which was an insult to the injury.

However, the good news is that Milania has finally gotten out of that negative spiral and has defeated her demons.

Recently, she shocked her Insta followers by sharing her new pics, in which she had totally a different physique.

As it appears, Giudice has lost 40 pounds. Her followers were equally happy and curious about this huge transformation. 

How did Milania Lose Weight?

Ever since Milania shared her new photos on the internet, she has been asked now and again how did she do it.

Well, it took a lot of time. First of all, Giudice had to work on the improvement of her mental health.

What was she going to do with her weight was a secondary consideration.

Talking about her daughter’s health, Milania said, “She has turned around. She saw a therapist last year and she was having trouble in school.

Now this year, she’s doing really well in school. And as you guys saw, she lost over 40 pounds. She just put it in her head and she did it!”

After coping with anxiety and depression, Giudice turned to her physical health. She made big changes to the way she ate and what she ate.

Milania also started spending more time in the gym. All these healthy changes to her lifestyle resulted in shedding pounds.

Talking about her daughter’s diet plan, Teresa said, “I was getting her meals. I had a nutritionist come to the house and they did her macros and what she should be eating and we teamed up with this meal prep company, Brielle.” 

She added, “Milania would go walking early in the morning. She would also work out in the gym.

She did cardio, cycling, and swimming. I am so proud of my daughter. After so many problems and troubles, she is making progress and I am so happy for her.”

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Milania Became a Source of Inspiration

Milania Giudice

After defeating her demons, Giudice also helped others fight their demons. She became a source of inspiration.

Another The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Jennifer Aiden, lost weight because of Milania. She got her motivation from the teenage girl.

Talking about this, Jennifer said, “I have finally lost 25 pounds, which is a very big achievement for me and it was actually Milania who inspired me.

I asked Teresa about her daughter’s weight loss and she told me everything. I met Milania and received some tips.”

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Milania Still Struggles with Her Parents’ Separation

Long after her parents got divorced, Milania still finds it hard to get over this fact.

Talking about it, Teresa said, “The girls they’re doing fine but they are really missing Joe still. Milania told me the other day, ‘I miss Daddy so much.’ It breaks my heart.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Milania Giudice before after weight loss

Milania did an amazing job on her weight loss journey! She lost 40 pounds and now weighs a slim 112 pounds. That’s a big change from her previous weight of 150 pounds.

What’s even more fantastic is that Milania’s weight loss has become an inspiration to many teenage girls who see her as their role model. Her determination and success are showing others that they can achieve their goals too.

Final Words

There is no doubt that at a very young age, Giudice had to go through so much. At first, her mom’s going to jail, and then her parents separated.

But Milania didn’t give up she looked to the future and worked on improving her life. And in the end, she succeeded.

Sure, there are still some problems in her life, but she knows how to deal with them.

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