Mignon Von before after weight loss Mignon Von before after weight loss

Mignon Von Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Mignon is a well-known American actress who became famous thanks to her role in the popular TV show called “42 Seconds” in 2018.

In addition to that, she’s also been a part of other big projects like “Sister Code” and “Sistas.” Nowadays, Mignon is a successful and famous actress, but her journey to get there wasn’t always easy.

She had to overcome many obstacles and failures. One of the biggest challenges for Mignon on her way to becoming a successful actress was her body size.

Being a plus-size woman in the world of showbiz can be tough, and it often doesn’t lead to as many opportunities.

Mignon’s Weight Loss Journey

Mignon Von after weight loss

Von had trouble with being overweight and was trying to fight it. Her weight had reached the dangerous number of 275 pounds.

All in all, it wasn’t a good place and she had to get out of it as soon as possible because it was destroying her potential.

So after years of thinking and worrying about her weight, Von finally decided and embarked on the journey of weight loss in 2015.

Although there were many factors behind Von’s taking decision to lose weight, the most important one was the thought of her daughter.

Von said, “I wanted to lose weight. If not for me then for my little girl. I look at my 6-year-old and know that I can never go back to where I used to be. I need to live and be healthy for her.” 

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How did Mignon Lose Weight?

After making the decision to lose weight, the next question was how. Well, there were plenty of ways and she was confused.

But it didn’t take much time because Von was determined to get rid of the unhealthy weight. After consulting with her doctor, Von made some big changes to her diet plan.

Not only her diet but also works a lot in the gym to reach where she is.

All those efforts combined, Von succeeded in losing 120 pounds. It was a very big achievement for her. 

Mignon’s Diet Plan

Changing her eating habits gave Von a tough time. Her old eating habits were the main reason behind her constantly growing weight.

Talking about which, Mignon said, “I was used to eating everything fried, creamy, rich because here in New Orleans, everything is rich.”

In order to change her eating habits and replace her old diet with a new one, Von took the help of her trainer.

She cut out the “fatty and carb-filled foods”. Instead, Mignon turned to foods that were rich in protein.

“Now I eat more baked fish, chicken, and lean cuts of steak. I also incorporate a veggie with every meal, even breakfast.”

Mignon also cut down sugar consumption. She does eat something sweet once a week but not like before when she ate sweets almost every day.

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Mignon’s Workout Plan

“My workouts started as just walking around my neighborhood, but that became boring. That’s when I decided to take my trainer up on the assessment offer,” Von described her workout routine,

“We have always worked out with weights from day one and done minimal cardio.”

She lifts weights and does squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges. Along with working out in the gym, Von also practices meditation for half an hour on a daily basis. This healthy workout routine has helped her keep her mind at peace.

Before and After Weight Loss

Mignon Von before after weight loss

As I mentioned earlier, Von managed to shed an impressive 120 pounds. This significant weight loss made a big difference in Mignon’s health. She now weighs 155 pounds, but before, she used to carry a weight of 275 pounds.

Mignon’s Advice for Her Fans

While sharing her experience and advising her fans, Von said, “Never give up and never listen to naysayers or negativity. You control your destiny. Only you can write the final chapter in this book of life.”

Final Words

Always remember that whatever you have always wanted is on the other side of fear. In order to succeed, you’ve got to conquer the fear.

That’s exactly what Von did. After thinking about losing weight for years, when she finally took action, it changed everything.

I hope that Von’s story helps you in conquering your fears.

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