Nikola Jokic before after weight loss Nikola Jokic before after weight loss

Nikola Jokic Weight Loss [2024]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Nikola Jokic, who plays for the Denver Nuggets, also had to stay home when the NBA season was halted due to the pandemic. This unexpected break turned out to be a great opportunity for him.

Before the break, Jokic was already doing well in the games, but he was struggling with his weight. His extra weight was holding him back from performing at his best. In February 2020, during the break, he surprised everyone by announcing that he had lost 25 pounds.

When the NBA season resumed, Nikola showed just how much effort he had put into improving his health. His performance on the court improved significantly.

Nikola’s fans were curious about how he managed to make such a remarkable change in just a few months of quarantine. To uncover the details, let’s take a closer look at Nikola’s journey of losing weight.

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Nikola Jokic’s Weight Loss Journey

Nikola Jokic before weight loss 2

Jokic began his journey to lose weight in February 2020. During the pandemic, Nikola found himself stuck at home, and he was worried about gaining even more weight. But he didn’t let that stop him; he came up with a plan. Jokic realized that his habits were causing him to gain weight.

First, he focused on changing his eating habits. He also needed a suitable place to exercise. Jokic was determined to shed those extra pounds, so he tackled each challenge step by step, overcoming the obstacles that his increased weight had placed on his performance.

As an NBA player from Serbia, Jokic designed a healthy diet plan and stuck to it while he was at home. He also started working out in his house. To add more activity, he took long walks around his neighborhood. Here are the details of his diet and workout plans:

Nikola’s Diet Plan

Even though he was already an athlete, Nikola decided to make his diet even healthier as he aimed to lose weight. He made some significant changes to his eating habits.

He began by cutting down on foods that were high in calories and could lead to weight gain. To do this, he focused on having fresh vegetables for both lunch and dinner.

He also embraced the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” by incorporating apples into his meals. Apples are low in calories, so this was a smart choice. In fact, on some days, his lunch consisted only of apples.

Additionally, Nikola made the tough choice to eliminate sugar from his diet entirely. He realized that sugar contains a lot of calories that could hinder his weight loss progress.

By getting rid of these extra calories and making mindful food choices, he crafted a healthy eating plan that ultimately helped him shed a significant amount of weight.

Nikola’s Workout Plan

The NBA star understood that exercising was just as crucial as eating right in his weight loss journey. He balanced both aspects carefully. He realized that not only should he eat fewer calories, but he also needed to burn off the ones he had.

His at-home workout routine was impressive. He did pushups, situps, squats, pullups, weight lifting, and even cardio exercises. These activities helped him strengthen his muscles and get his heart pumping. Even during the entire quarantine period, Jokic stuck to this routine.

He didn’t stop there; he also added long walks to his daily routine, often taking them early in the morning. These walks were a great way to stay active and start his day on the right foot.

Before & After Weight Loss

Nikola Jokic before after weight loss

When the quarantine first started, Nikola Jokic’s weight was measured at 284 pounds. It was during this time that he decided to embark on his weight loss journey.

Through his dedication and hard work, he managed to shed an impressive 25 pounds. As he continued to pursue his basketball career, his weight gradually decreased to 259 pounds.

This transformation not only showcased his commitment to his health but also highlighted his determination to excel in his sport despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Weight Loss Proved to be a Booster

Shedding extra pounds proved to be very beneficial for Nikola as his performance increased exponentially. Nikola continued his streak of winning 3 All-NBA Team (2019-21). Besides that, Nikola was also awarded NBA Most Valuable Player Award 2021. 

Nuggets’ President Congratulated Nikola

When Nikola shared his new photo with the team president, Tim Connelly, he received congratulations. “He sent me a picture after working out in the gym and following a strict diet plan”, Tim said in his interview. He continued, “No shirt on. He’s got abs. I’ve never seen him have abs before. Congratulations mate”.

Nikola’s Struggle with Obesity in His Childhood

Nikola Jokic Childhood

As it can be seen in the photo Nikola was somewhat obese in his childhood. This photo became viral after he won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award in the year 2021. A lot of his fans couldn’t believe that he was the same Jokic who plays for Nuggets. 

However, with the passage of time, Nikola overcame obesity. As he started taking an interest in sports, he lost those unhealthy pounds along the way.

The NBA fan and famous YouTuber, Agent 00, has lost more than 100 pounds.

Final Words

Even though the time was hard, Jokic knew how should he use it. He transformed his health in a very positive way while the world was being shut down.

It’s true that hard times come and sometimes it is not in our hands, but what is in our hands is the interpretation.

Jokic could have easily interpreted quarantine as a roadblock in his career but he didn’t. He used the time and lost a tremendous amount of weight.

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