Nikki Cross before after weight loss Nikki Cross before after weight loss

Nikki Cross Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Nikki Cross (Nicola Glencross) is a famous professional wrestler. She is currently performing in WWE’s Raw brand under the name of Nikki A.S.H. However, her fans know her by her old wrestling name, Nikki Cross.

The breakthrough in Cross’ career came when she performed for WWE. Nikki’s performance alongside Alexa Bliss was so brilliant that she has become so famous.

Nikki did make a place for herself in WWE with her brilliant performance but she was nevertheless blamed for her weight.

Some WWE fans criticized Cross that she was overweight and shouldn’t perform in wrestling.

Nikki didn’t give much concern to it and she had more loving fans than critics. However, with the passage of time, Cross realized that her weight was becoming a hindrance to her performance.

Concerned for her health and career, Nikki started a journey toward the improvement of her health.

She started the weight loss journey. For that purpose, Nikki left WWE for almost 100 days and started focusing on her health.

Nikki Cross weight loss journey

In the meantime, her fans worried about Nikki and missed her but all worries were gone when they saw a new healthy, and fit Cross. She gave a good reply to her critics. Let’s find out, how did Nikki lose weight.

How did Nikki Lose Weight?

Nikki Cross before weight loss

Nikki is a professional wrestler and she knows how to take care of her health. As for her weight, Cross’ busy schedule didn’t allow her much time to take care of it. But when she took off for more than 100 days, Nikki decided to solve this problem at once and for all.

Nikki started spending much of her time in the gym where she would do all kinds of workouts.

From pushups to situps, cycling to boxing. Nikki also practiced swimming. The Scottish wrestler would also go for walks for several hours on a daily basis. 

In the pursuit of fitness and health, Cross would leave the house after breakfast and would return at lunchtime.

She also made certain changes to her diet. Cross followed the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple and vegetables become the main item of Nikki’s meal.

She stopped eating at restaurants and started preparing food at home. Cross also put an end to the food that contained sugar. Instead of soft drinks or alcohol, Nikki would have fresh fruits and vegetable juice.

Nikki is not the only athlete who has struggled with obesity, find out the interesting weight loss stories of Rafael Devers and Brad Underwood.

Nikki has the Perfect Body for Wrestling

While we are discussing Nikki’s weight loss, please don’t get the idea that she is now skinnier.

She is not skinnier, in fact, her body is still that of a good wrestler. She has just burned some fat and in place of it, now Cross has real muscles.

Before & After Weight Loss

Nikki Cross before after weight loss

Nikki’s dedication and hard work have paid off, leading to a significant weight loss of 20 pounds. Today, she weighs approximately 117 pounds, a noticeable difference from her previous weight of 137 pounds.

Nikki’s success serves as an inspiring example of how determination can help achieve remarkable changes in one’s health and appearance.

Final Words

As of now, the healthy Nikki is performing in WWE and has gathered a lot of success than before.

The professional Scottish wrestler is married to and lives happily with another professional wrestler, Domain Mackle.

If you are inspired by Cross’ weight loss journey then you can also follow in her footsteps and transform your body for the good of your future.

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