Jenna Johnson before after weight loss Jenna Johnson before after weight loss

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Jenna Johnson is a well-known American ballroom dancer and choreographer who gained fame by competing in Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance in 2013. During the show, she did incredibly well and became the ladies’ third runner-up.

But her biggest triumph came when she won her second season of Dancing With The Stars, partnered with the talented Adam Rippon.

When we think of dancers, we often picture people who are fit and have slim figures. Dancing, after all, is a form of exercise, and being light on your feet is crucial for excelling in this art.

Jenna is undeniably a fantastic dancer, but things took a turn when she decided to make some changes to her diet. Unfortunately, these changes led to her gaining some extra weight, which not only slowed her down but also had a negative impact on her overall health.

Weight Loss Journey

Jenna Johnson weight loss

Johnson’s gaining weight affected her dancing skills a lot. Even her fans got worried.

However, the good news is that things have changed recently and Jenna is back with a slim figure.

Just like before. This sudden change shocked not only her fans but every DWTS fan.

So, how did Jenna gain so much weight, and then how did she lose it? Well, it’s a very interesting and inspiring story.

Step by step we are going to discuss the American dancing star’s weight loss journey.

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A Vegetarian Diet Increased Jenna’s Weight

Jenna Johnson weight loss journey

I know this sounds very strange but this is what happened. A lot of people opt for the vegetarian diet to lose weight but totally opposite happened in Jenna’s case.

Talking about her weight gain, Johnson said, “I ended up gaining a bunch of weight on a vegetarian diet. I was so low in my iron and protein intake.”

She added, “Once I incorporated protein back into my diet, I started slimming down.”

After changing her diet from a vegetarian one to a flexitarian one, Jenna saw some positive changes. She lost extra pounds and ended up healthier than before.

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Jenna Changed The Way She Saw Food

In order to lose weight and live a healthier life, Jenna changed her overall approach to looking at food.

She started looking at food as a means to an end and not an end in itself. “Looking at food as fuel has been a game-changer for me,” Johnson told Women’s Health.

She further said, “For me, what makes me healthiest and happiest and most powerful is a happy balance of non-processed food and a lot of protein. I need it for recovery and for my muscle.”

To live the “healthiest and happiest” life, Jenna developed a set of simple rules. By following this, she keeps her life balanced.

By doing so Jenna keeps a distance from overeating while at the same time, not robbing her body of the needed protein.

Following are the rules that Jenna follows on a daily basis:

1. Hitting the Gym in the Morning

The first thing Jenna does in the morning is go to the gym. She doesn’t want to work out on “a full stomach”.

So, before eating anything, Johnson goes for a workout session of one hour. She does cardio workouts, cycling, running, boxing, and weight lifting.

Being a dancer, Johnson has an advantage over other gym-goers. She doesn’t have to work out more often as dancing is equally an exercise in itself.

So with all that working out and dancing, Jenna has transformed her health and is now living a healthy and happy life.

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2. Having a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is as important as other meals of the day as it prevents us from overeating throughout the day and it also provides a lot of energy to go through the day.

Knowing this fact perfectly, Jenna prepares her breakfast very carefully.

She starts her day with a sip of kombucha, kind of a green tea. Besides kombucha, most of her breakfast consists of eggs sometimes oatmeal is included too.

“I’m on a huge egg kick right now. I eat a few eggs, and maybe some bacon. I also love oatmeal with fruit,” Jenna said about her breakfast.

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3. Taking Care of Lunch and Dinner

Johnson gives more thought to her diet plan than before. In the past, she used to binge on food while watching TV, now she even keeps a record of how many calories she consumes in a day.

She was advised to drink a protein shake at lunch.

However, in reply to that, Jenna said, “I always try to have a solid lunch because my mom told me not to drink my calories.”

Johnson likes to have a balance between vegetables and meat. She also eats lots of fruits. 

As dancing rehearsals require a lot of energy and effort, Jenna also drinks a lot of water, While she focuses more on veggies at lunch, dinner is for protein.

She eats chicken and fish along with a little bit of broccoli. And dark chocolate as dessert is a must.

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Jenna Johnson Before & After Weight Loss

Jenna Johnson before after weight loss

By working out in the gym and sticking to a healthy diet, Johnson managed to achieve an impressive weight loss. She went from weighing 150 pounds to a healthier 120 pounds, shedding a total of 30 pounds. It’s a great accomplishment!

Final Words

Jenna’s story successfully demonstrates that it is not impossible to live healthily even in today’s world of fast food and Netflix.

By undergoing a sudden and drastic change, Jenna has proved that nothing is impossible if you have passion and if you are determined and consistent in achieving your goal.

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