Paula Deen Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The American chef, Paula, is well-known for her delicious dishes. She not only makes delicious dishes at her restaurant but also shares her recipes with others through her books. Deen has published 15 cookbooks. She runs her restaurant along with her sons with the name of The Lady and Sons restaurant.

Over time, Deen has earned a lot of fame. However, the long hours in the kitchen have affected her health as well. With a lot of work and busyness around, Deen didn’t have much time to look up to her health. As a result, she gained some extra pounds.

Those extra pounds accumulated over time. And her weight slowed her down. However, Paula has recently lost a considerable amount of weight, leaving her fans in awe. How did she do it is the topic of discussion these days. 

Paula’s statement, “I lost 35 or 40 pounds” made the news on the internet. So, how did she really do that? That’s our today’s main topic. So brace yourselves, Deen’s weight loss journey has a lot of ups and downs.

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Paula Deen’s Weight Loss Journey

Paula Deen weight loss journey

Although Deen’s weight was increasing day by day she wasn’t paying much attention to it. Trouble began when the doctor told her that she had diabetes. That’s when Paula started taking things seriously. 

In her interview with Dr. Oz, the famous chef said it all. Paula confessed, “Okay, I really am diabetic”. She also defined her diet plan as well, to which we will come later. Deen continued, “I didn’t believe the doctor. Nobody in my family is a diabetic and we all live the same way“.

But no matter what, Paula was diabetic and the task at hand now was to take a quick decision. A decision that would get her rid of the increasing pounds. Well, she took the decision at the right time and got rid of that weight. How? Continue reading.

How did Paula Lose Weight?

Paula made some huge changes to her diet plan. The Butter Lady, as she is famous, had to say goodbye to the butter consumption. In her own words, that’s what she did to her diet, “At that point (after her diagnosis with diabetes), I went home to my kitchen and I threw out everything that was white”. 

Deen continued, “White bread, white rice, white potatoes, white pasta. I did that for four months, y’all! Just four months”. Those four months proved to be very healthy months. As Paula was successfully losing weight she was facing some hardships as well.

In her interview with Dr. Oz, Paula admitted that she had a hard time getting away from her favorite food. She said that she would prepare different times of cakes just to kill the time. And then her husband Michael would have to finish them.

Poor Michael (her husband) comes in and has to face six or eight cakes,” Deen finished. At the end of her interview, Deen advised her fans as well by saying, “But the thing that I’m really trying to focus on is moderation. Moderation. Moderation. Eat a cookie, just don’t eat six of them. Because no one wants to go their whole life thinking they can never have anything good again”.

Besides controlling her diet plan, Paula had also taken care of her fitness. Right after making changes to her diet plan, Deen started running for two miles every day. She also took the help of the ancient practice of yoga. Which helped her a lot in putting her mind at peace. 

Before & After

Paula Deen before after weight loss

So, within only 4 months, after losing 40 pounds, Paula’s current weight is 154 pounds. However, previously she weighed around 195 pounds. 

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Final Words

Along with her sons, Bobby and Jamie, Deen is back at her restaurant. She is way slimmer than before. Very different than before that her customers and fans struggle to recall her at first glance. This all happened because Paula had committed to doing it. Paula not only lost weight but also got herself away from the high probability of struggling with diabetes. 

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