Nate Appleman before after weight loss Nate Appleman before after weight loss

Nate Appleman Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

The famous chef, Appleman, has been in love with food since he was just a kid. At the age of 17, Nate enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America. With his passion and love for food, Nate soon became a famous chef in America.

However, Appleman’s being famous came at a cost. While working in the kitchen for hours daily, Nate gained weight.

He would have to taste every meal he prepared. And let’s be frank for a moment, who will not be tempted while around the tasty food in the world?

So, Nate would end up consuming more calories than needed. As a result, his weight continued to increase and reached a point where it was very dangerous. Nevertheless, Appleman never gave much concern to it.

Nate Appleman after weight loss

However, when Appleman’s son was born things changed quickly in his life. He suddenly felt responsibility. A kind of responsibility that he had never felt.

Nate wanted to change himself. He wanted to lose weight for the sake of his son. Appleman said, “I wanted to be an active dad for my son, Oliver. I didn’t want to be that lazy dad who couldn’t play with his son in the park”.

American Chef Kevin Belton also lost a significant amount of weight more than 100 pounds.

How did Appleman Lose Weight?

Nate Appleman weight loss journey

Nate started analyzing his whole day’s activities. He noticed the factors that were contributing to his weight.

The main reason for his being obese was Appleman’s binge eating. He had the habit of eating without any discipline and without any need.

It might be that Nate developed this habit while being in the kitchen. Appleman started working on improving this negative habit.

He started keeping a diary for the purpose of recording what he had eaten the whole day. Nate limited his daily calorie consumption to 2000 calories. Here is his detailed diet plan:

Appleman’s Diet Plan

Nate Appleman before weight loss

Today, Appleman is 85 Pounds lighter than before. When the interviewer asked him about the secret of his successful weight loss, Appleman replied, “A good diet and exercise and not eating bad food”. By eating not bad he meant avoiding food that contains high calories and junk food.

While being a chef is a responsible thing, it has also a lot of advantages. Nate didn’t need anyone to make him healthy recipes.

He would make himself a new kind of delicious and healthy dish every day. In this way, he shifted to healthy eating while having novelty.

Appleman shared every meal he would have on his Instagram and he continues to do so. You will find a lot of green vegetables in his meal.

While Appleman focused on it, he didn’t let deliciousness feed away. Nate believes that we should have a “balance between delicious and healthy”. And who knows better how to mix healthy and delicious other than a chef?

Appleman’s favorite dishes include Roasted Salmon with Celery and Bulgur Salad, Lentil and Egg Stew, Honeynut Squash with Radicchio and Miso, and Linguine with Anchovies and Tuna.

Nate is not the only chef who has struggled with obesity. The famous chef, Jeff Mauro, has also battled with it and succeeded in losing 40 Pounds.

Appleman’s Workout Plan

While maintaining his diet, Appleman also joined a gym along with his friend. He would also go for long walks almost every morning. Nate would be involved in cardio workouts.

Before & After Weight Loss

Nate Appleman before after weight loss

Since embarking on his weight loss journey, Appleman has achieved an incredible feat by shedding a total of 85 pounds. His current weight is approximately 160 pounds, a substantial difference from his starting weight of 250 pounds. Appleman’s dedication and perseverance have led to this remarkable transformation in his life.


Appleman’s hard work to lose weight shows us how much love and compassion he has for his family.

He has undergone a weight loss journey just to have a fun time with his family. Because he knows what holds true happiness.

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