Phil Mickelson before after weight loss Phil Mickelson before after weight loss

Phil Mickelson Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Mickelson has a truly impressive portfolio, packed with records and achievements that stand as a testament to his remarkable career.

This American golfer has notched up six major championships and three Masters wins, cementing his legacy in the sport’s history.

What’s more, he made history himself by becoming the oldest major championship winner in golf, achieving this incredible feat at the age of 50.

While there’s plenty to delve into regarding Phil’s golfing career, our focus in this article is on a different aspect of his life: recent changes in his physique. You see, Phil Mickelson’s appearance has undergone a noticeable transformation that has left fans intrigued.

He’s shed a significant amount of weight, and when his fans caught a glimpse of Mickelson’s new look on Twitter, it sparked a flurry of rumors and speculation.

Some speculated that Phil might be unwell, while others thought he embarked on this journey to enhance his appearance. But the truth behind his transformation is quite different, and we’re here to uncover the real story.

Why did Mickelson Lose Weight?

Phil Mickelson Before weight loss

In the late 2000s, Phil was having some health issues in handling his game but he thought that it had something to do with tiredness. However, that wasn’t the case. In 2010, Phil was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis which was alarming news given Phil was an athlete. 

So, he started taking things seriously. After consulting with doctors, he started a weight loss journey. Throughout the years, Mickelson’s weight had increased so gradually that he didn’t even notice it. Soon he found out that it was slowing him down and the best thing to do was to get rid of it. So, that is what he did.

Phil Mickelson’s Weight Loss Journey

Phil started his weight loss journey in 2010. At first, he was confused about how to get rid of this ever-increasing weight. “I wasn’t playing well and I wasn’t feeling good about myself”, later Phil admitted. He continued, “I wasn’t recovering as fast as I wanted to after the rounds and I was feeling tired and not focused towards the end of the round”.

After this realization, Phil made some fundamental changes to his lifestyle. He completely altered his diet and workout plans. Phil started fasting. He would fast six days a month while having only water and coffee. 

Phil’s recipe for coffee was very unique which was a mixture of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, cinnamon, almond milk, and coconut MCT oil. Phil was so inspired by the diet that he started promoting it. If you follow him on social media, you might have seen him promoting Coffee for Wellness

Besides coffee, Mickelson was moved by seeing the impact of fasting on his body. He was surprised that fasting could make that much difference. He started losing weight very quickly. Later, Phil said in his interview “I felt that the first step in getting that back was getting in better shape, getting lighter, and what I’ve noticed is that I’ve recovered faster“.

I didn’t fast to lose weight. I fasted to heal“, Phil finished. He also started spending more time in the gym while doing cardio workouts. Within months, Phil noticed tremendous changes in his body and in his ability to do new things. He felt the energy inside.

Before & After Weight Loss

Phil Mickelson before after weight loss

Compared to his earlier weight of 280 pounds, Phil Mickelson’s current weight has undergone a significant transformation, now standing at a lean 200 pounds. This remarkable change means he has successfully shed approximately 80 pounds.

It’s a journey that has not only left golf enthusiasts astonished but has also sparked conversations about his dedication and the methods he used to achieve this impressive weight loss.

Phil about His Weight Loss

When asked how he feels right now, Mickelson answered, “I’m going to continue to eat better, eat less, work out more, just stay committed to it.”He continued, “It won’t be as drastic or quick, but I would anticipate over the next one to two years I would continue to tick down a little bit”.

Final Words

Mickelson has proven that it is never too late to lose weight. By losing unhealthy and extra pounds, Phil has successfully transformed his health. After seeing the tremendous results, he has now decided to get going in the same healthy direction.

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