Ralphie May Before After Weight Loss Ralphie May Before After Weight Loss

Ralphie May Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

The famous American comedian, Ralphie May, dedicated most of his life to making people laugh with his hilarious jokes and entertaining acting.

Ralphie was a well-known figure in both the comedy and acting worlds, achieving great success in his career. However, his health wasn’t always on the right track.

Throughout his life, Ralphie faced a persistent battle with obesity, struggling with his weight. To put it in perspective, at one point, he reached an astonishing weight of over 800 pounds, which is equivalent to about 360 kilograms! This was his heaviest point.

Ralphie’s weight gain can be traced back to a tragic event that occurred when he was just 16 years old.

At that young age, Ralphie experienced a severe car accident that was so devastating it seemed miraculous that he survived.

However, the aftermath of the accident led to a multitude of health problems for Ralphie, ultimately contributing to his struggle with obesity.

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How did Ralphie lose weight?

Ralphie May Weight Loss Journey

With the passage of time, his weight continued to increase. It was becoming a mere threat to his health.

Most of the time, May was struggling with his health. Doctors advised Ralphie that he should consider a weight loss procedure, otherwise, his weight would become a very big issue.

When May reached his heaviest (800 Pounds), he took the decision to slay the dragon.

In 2004, at the age of 32 years, Ralphie underwent gastric bypass surgery. For this purpose, he joined VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. In that surgery, he lost more than half of his body weight which was 450 pounds.

May’s sudden transformation from 800 to 350 pounds shook not only his fans but a lot of others as well. He became kind of a celebrity of that matter. May did lose a huge amount of weight, however, his health wasn’t completely fine.

Ralphie May Before After Weight Loss

In 2011, Ralphie contracted viral pneumonia while on a cruise. This unfortunate incident had a significant impact on his health.

Ralphie became seriously ill, and as a result of his illness, he lost 40 pounds in weight. Although he eventually recovered, he never fully regained his good health.


Ralphie did lose 450 pounds but he was still overweight. On October 6, 2017, May went into cardiac arrest.

At that time he was also struggling with Pneumonia and wasn’t able to attend events. With that cardiac arrest, May died on October 6, 2017, at the age of 45. People still remember May for his great talent and miss him.

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