Jacob Batalon Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before & After

While Spider-man is all ready for his upcoming movie, No Way Home. His friend, Ned Leeds, also didn’t get behind.

Batalon, the actor behind Ned Leeds, has made some brilliant changes. Jacob shocked the fans when he shared his new photo on Instagram.

Jacob captioned the photo, “Don’t try to get at me, imma be vibin all day chee. By the way, while I appreciate the concern, people can stop telling me to lose weight now”. In the photo, Jacob was wearing an unbuttoned brown jacket and black trousers. He seemed extremely thin compared to his previous look.

The photo went viral over a night and fans started asking about the secret behind Batalon’s drastic weight loss.

As the new Spider-man movie is about to release, Jacob’s weight loss has become a topic of discussion among fans who have waited long enough for the movie.

Also, find out how the famous YouTuber, Agent 00, lost more than 100 Pounds, only by eating whatever he wanted.

Why did Jacob Lose Weight?

Jacob Batalon weight loss journey

When Jacob shared his new photo, Spider-man fans, who were already excited about the upcoming movie and were hearing things like that the villains from the old spiderman movie will come, got super excited.

There’s already a statement circulating on the internet that says that Batalon has lost weight because of the upcoming project.

Even though Jacob seemed funny and cute playing Ned Leeds with his previous shape, this statement might be true.

There’s already news circulating about Jacob that says that he will play the role of Hobgoblin. Strange, isn’t it? I know but listen now, spiderman is a multi-verse movie.

There are many factors playing in the movie. This can be possible that Batalon is to play Hobgoblin in another universe as the old comic books show it as well. Already there’s a lot of surprising stuff in the movie.

There’s no evidence that this statement is true as the movie makers want to keep a lot of things secret but it is likely.

However, what is true and a fact is that Jacob has lost 100 Pounds and will be a little bit different in the upcoming movie. Now, let’s get back to our main topic of discussion.

How did Jacob Lose 100 Pounds?

Jacob Batalon Weight Loss

When Batalon’s photo with a new appearance came, many fans suggested that he has undergone weight loss surgery.

Because they didn’t believe that Jacob could possibly have lost that much weight. However, that’s not true. Batalon has not undergone any surgery, let alone weight loss surgery.

He has lost weight only and solely because of his hard work and his consideration for his health. Jacob lost weight because he did drastic changes to his lifestyle.

We are going to discuss those changes in detail. He followed a well-prepared healthy diet plan. Jacob also did a lot of workouts in the gym. Here’s an insight into Spiderman’s friend’s diet and workout plans.

Jacob’s Diet Plan

Batalon was overweight because of his undying love for fast food and sugary drinks. He had to convert all these negative habits into positive ones. As you can expect, wasn’t an easy task. He had to abandon most of his previous lifestyle in order to get a healthy physique. 

First of all, Jacob got rid of all the unhealthy food he was previously fond of. That included fast food, soft drinks, and sugary food.

Jacob would start his day with a glass of juice of carrot or sometimes gorge. After that, he would leave for the gym.

For lunch and dinner, Batalon applied a healthy approach. He would keep a track of whatever he ate the whole day.

More importantly, he would count the calories that he consumed the whole day. Most of the time, Jacob would have salad in place of processed food. 

He limited the consumption of sugar. As sugar is one of the foods that can increase your weight exponentially.

After making these positive changes to his diet, Jacob started losing weight quickly. He still follows this diet plan as he is planning to be a healthy and fit person.

Jacob’s Workout Plan

Jacob Batalon after weight loss

As much as counting calories is important, equally important is burning calories. Batalon knew this fact perfectly that’s why he joined the gym. He would come to the gym right after waking up early in the morning. He would do cardio workouts while listening to music. 

His workout plan included squats, planks, situps, Russian twists, crunches, biceps curls, and lunges.

Jacob would also do cycling, swimming, and running. In this way, on one side he limited the calorie intake, and on the other side, he started burning them. That’s how got this magnificent result. 

Just like Jacob, Doc Shaw has lost a lot of weight as well.

Before & After Weight Loss

Jacob Batalon before after weight loss

Before starting the Weight loss journey, Jacob’s weight was 290 pounds. However, after losing 100 pounds, his current weight is 190 pounds. The brave man has come so far.

Final Words

Jacob Batalon has proved that with enough consideration and spirit, you can achieve everything. He has lost more than 100 pounds by simply doing some changes to his daily routine.

This weight loss will not only make his acting greater but will also help in living a healthy life. I hope that Batalon’s weight loss journey gives you enough strength to kill the beast of obesity.

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