David Mcintyre Before and after David Mcintyre Before and after

David McIntyre Weight Loss 2024: Before & After Journey

David McIntyre is a talented fiction writer whose storytelling often delves into the post-apocalyptic world.

But David’s connection with the wild goes beyond his books; he’s been fascinated by the wilderness since his teenage years, and this passion led him to become a contestant on the History Channel’s show “Alone.”

David McIntyre’s journey on “Alone” Season 2 was nothing short of inspiring, as he emerged as the ultimate victor, winning a hefty prize of $500,000 after an impressive 66 days of survival on Vancouver Island. However, living on this island was far from easy.

In his quest to survive on Vancouver Island, David had to put in an incredible amount of effort and resilience. Those 66 days were filled with challenges and hardships that tested his limits.

Living in such extreme conditions on the island took a toll on McIntyre’s health. The demanding lifestyle resulted in a significant loss of weight for David, highlighting the sacrifices he made during his unforgettable wilderness experience.

How did David lose weight?

David was trying to survive on the food he could find in wild. And as you can expect that there is not much food in the wild. On some days McIntyre was lucky to find something some days he wasn’t.

The food that was available there was fish, fruits sometimes worms as well. This all, in turn, wasn’t good for David. On some nights, he would sleep without even eating anything. McIntyre said in his interview “There was a time when I couldn’t find food. I was hungry for 48 hours. It was like fasting for 2 days.”

He said “If by chance I would have more food, I would reserve it for the future. Because when you are in the wild alone, you don’t know what comes tomorrow. So you got to take care of everything.” These hard days caused a considerable amount of reduction in David’s weight.

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How much Weight did David lose?

David Mcintyre Before and after

“I went through a rapid weight loss of about 20/25 pounds on my first few weeks. That levelled about 160, down from 195, and remained stable for two weigh-ins,” answered McIntyre, when he was asked about weight loss.

He continued, “Those rapid initial weight loss worried me, not realizing it would level off, but those fears dissolved when my weight became stable.” As soon as David left that island and returned to his family he maintained his eating.

With the passage of time. McIntyre got back to his normal shape but now with a lot of experience. He started eating normally and doing healthy exercise.

Where is David McIntyre now?

David Mcintyre Weight Loss Journey

Well, as of now, McIntyre is chilling with his family. He is again fit, fine, and living a healthy life. However, he does go outside in the wild for a day or two. Because this is what he loves the most. He finds himself complete there.


Wilderness is a beautiful place. No doubt. It is where we meet nature in its original form. But it can be sometimes harmful as well. Because, we humans, are now civilized and are adapted to cities and villages. 

David, however, is an exception. But even he was given a tough time by nature. So if you want to live in the wild make sure that someone like David is with you and do not extend your time stay more than a week.