Jared Fogle Weight Loss 2022: By Eating at Subway He lost 245 Pounds

When it comes to Weight Loss and health improvement, Jared is probably the most interesting case. Fogle was the center of the media’s focus in the 2000s. He lost 245 pounds (111 kgs)! And the most interesting part was that he attributed this to Subway eating.

In this article we are going to find out did he really lose weight eating at Subway or was there another part of the story. After Fogle appeared on television, the news spread like a wildfire. Subway contracted with him for advertisement.

Jared appeared in more than 300 ads for the Company. He promoted Subway for 15 years (2000 to 2015). After Jared stepped out in the media, Subway’s sales went up in the sky. Many people started eating at Subway restaurants.

Jared Fogle Weight Loss Story

Jared Fogle Weight Loss transformation

As it can be seen in Jared’s old photos. He was an obese person. He was struggling with weight and had a lot of health issues due to it. But this whole changed during the year 1999. When Jared switched to Subway.

In the year 1998, Jared weighed around 425 pounds. It was a very dangerous position. He was struggling with even walking. The 20 years old student of Indiana University then switched to Subway eating.

“I lived 10 steps away from a Subway restaurant,” said Fogle. And because of that easiness, Fogle started eating at Subway as it wasn’t far away from his home. Within just a year, Jared lost 245 pounds. His story shocked the world.

So the question is, How did he lose so much weight by just eating at Subway? Jared would eat Subway sandwiches. Before going to Subway, Fogle’s daily calorie consumption was 10,000. Now, this is a very unhealthy number.

However, after he turned to Subway, he started consuming only 2000 calories in a whole day. This change in eating habits led Jared to a drastic change in his weight.

Jared Fogle’s Subway Diet

Jared’s Subway diet was very simple. He would have one small turkey sub and one large veggie sub along with some baked potato chips and diet soda. This whole diet had approximately 2000 calories. This was a healthy consumption as it was perfectly aligned with the daily adult calorie requirement.

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What did Jared do along with the Subway diet?

Jared Fogle

With following the Subway diet he also did some exercise. As Jared’s weight was more than 400 pounds so he could not do any exercise. However, he found walking very simple and it paid off in the end. 

How did Subway find Jared?

Jared Fogle Weight Loss Subway

One of Jared’s friends uploaded a video about his weight loss on the internet. Because of it, Men’s Health added this story in their article, Stupid Diets That Work. Shortly after the publication of this article, Subway took notice of him. And thus started Fogle’s fifteen years campaign for Subway Restaurants.

How long did it take Jared to lose weight?

Jared Fogle before and after weight loss

According to Jared Fogle, it took only “one year” to lose 245 pounds on the Subway diet. The Subway guy said that he started the journey in the year 1998 and by 1999 he was slim and fine. 


Whether such a diet works for everyone we are not sure. However, as it appears it has worked for Fogle. Subway also said explicitly in their ad that “We don’t know if it will work for you or not but it has worked for Jared. And in a great way”.

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