Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The reality show star, Nicole Nafziger, entertained a lot of people by making her debut on the reality show, 90 Day Fiance. She met a handsome Moroccan man, Azan, there. As per the show they had to spend 90 days together. Being so different from each other culturally, they both had to face some problems to get along with each other.

Nicole was struggling with obesity at the time. Azan, who was well aware of the matter tried to encourage Nafziger to take a step towards weight loss. Azan advised Nafziger by saying, “go to the gym and be healthy”. 

It is also apparent from Nicole’s own statement that she wanted to shed pounds as well. All she needed was some support. And that support worked out in the end. Nafziger succeeded in losing extra pounds. “It feels so good to see that number go down. Being overweight, one of my fears was to one day go over 300 pounds”, Nicole admitted her fear.

Let’s dive into the details, of how Nafziger succeeded in getting lighter.

Nicole Nafziger’s Weight Loss Journey

Nicole Nafziger weight loss journey

Nicole started her weight loss journey during the show and viewers noticed a gradual change in appearance as well. “My highest weight went up to 296 lbs. That was it”, remarked Nafziger in her interviewer. She continued, “I had enough. I was ready for a change. So, I started this weight loss journey that I’m on now. It is one of the best decisions of my life”. 

Nafziger embarked on this journey. She changed her lifestyle radically in order to achieve her dream. As mentioned earlier, Nicole had been thinking to lose weight for a very long time. When the right time arrived she didn’t want to waste this change.

She gave her 100% and nailed it. Nicole, with the help of her professional trainer, built a healthy diet and workout plan. That proved to be very healthy for her. 

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Nicole’s Diet Plan

Nicole Nafziger after weight loss

Nafziger followed the keto diet plan. In this diet, the practitioner tries to get as many calories as possible from protein and fat. Carbohydrates consumption is cut down in this diet plan. Nafziger would have an omelette for breakfast. While for lunch, her most frequent choice would be salmon fish fried in olive oil.

She also eliminated sugar consumption by a great margin. In this way, Nicole tried to consume fewer calories while focusing on burning more. And that proved to be a very efficient strategy. 

Nicole’s Workout Plan

On the advice of her 90-Day Fiance, Nafziger joined a gym as well. Where she would work out for more than an hour on a daily basis. Her main focus was on weight lifting. She also started practicing Yoga to lose calories as well as to have peace of mind. Nicole would also go for long walks in the morning. 

How much Weight did Nicole Lose?

Nicole Nafziger weight loss in pounds

With her efforts, she succeeded in losing 10 pounds.

Nicole on Weight Loss Surgery

Given her overweight, Nafziger has also been advised to undergo surgery multiple times. However, she has not taken this decision because she thinks it is too risky. “Honestly I have thought it once or twice, but I am worried that I don’t have good enough control over my mind with food choices that I would just hurt myself or mess up what the surgery did for me,”, Nicole explained.

Nicole’s Comments on Her Weight Loss Journey

Nicole Nafziger journey

She seems to be very excited about her weight loss journey. She is hopeful that she “would find the right balance” for herself. Nafziger has continued her weight loss journey and is planning to lose more pounds.

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Final Words

If we analyze the achievements of great people, we will find one common thing in all of their stories. That one thing is commitment. If you are committed to what you do and you love what you do then there is nothing that can stop you.

Nafziger loves her weight loss journey as well and if she continues in this spirit there’s no doubt that she will continue to lose unhealthy weight in the future.

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