Nicole Nafziger weight loss journey Nicole Nafziger weight loss journey

Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss [2024]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Nicole Nafziger, a popular participant on the TV show “90 Day Fiance,” captured the attention of many viewers when she first appeared on the show.

In this reality series, people get to follow the journey of couples who have just 90 days to spend together, and Nicole’s story was no exception.

She met a charming man named Azan from Morocco during the show. Despite their cultural differences, they had to figure out how to make their relationship work within this limited time.

At the time, Nicole was dealing with a challenge—she was struggling with obesity. Azan, who understood her situation, offered his support by suggesting she take steps toward losing weight. His advice was simple yet impactful: “Go to the gym and be healthy.

Nicole herself expressed her desire to lose weight and become healthier. She recognized the importance of having someone by her side to help her along the way.

With Azan’s encouragement and her determination, Nicole managed to shed those extra pounds that had been bothering her. She shared her achievement by saying, “It feels so good to see that number go down. Being overweight, one of my fears was to one day go over 300 pounds.

Now, let’s delve into the inspiring details of how Nicole Nafziger successfully achieved her weight loss journey and became lighter and healthier.

Nicole Nafziger’s Weight Loss Journey

Nicole Nafziger weight loss journey

Nicole started her weight loss journey during the show and viewers noticed a gradual change in appearance as well. “My highest weight went up to 296 lbs. That was it”, remarked Nafziger in her interviewer. She continued, “I had enough. I was ready for a change. So, I started this weight loss journey that I’m on now. It is one of the best decisions of my life”. 

Nafziger embarked on this journey. She changed her lifestyle radically in order to achieve her dream. As mentioned earlier, Nicole had been thinking to lose weight for a very long time. When the right time arrived she didn’t want to waste this change.

She gave her 100% and nailed it. Nicole, with the help of her professional trainer, built a healthy diet and workout plan. That proved to be very healthy for her. 

Another 90-Day Fiance star, Angela Deem, has lost more than 90 pounds.

Nicole’s Diet Plan

Nicole Nafziger after weight loss

Nafziger decided to go with the keto diet plan to help her lose weight. This diet is all about getting most of your calories from protein and fat, while cutting back on carbohydrates.

For breakfast, she often enjoyed omelettes, which are made with eggs and other ingredients. And when it came to lunch, she often went for salmon fish that was cooked in healthy olive oil.

To make her weight loss journey even more successful, Nicole made a big change in her diet: she significantly reduced her intake of sugary foods.

This meant she was eating fewer things with added sugar. By doing this, she aimed to take in fewer calories overall while also focusing on burning more calories through exercise. And guess what? This strategy turned out to be really effective in helping her achieve her weight loss goals.

Nicole’s Workout Plan

Based on the advice and encouragement from her partner on the show “90-Day Fiance,” Nafziger took a significant step by becoming a member of a gym. This decision marked the beginning of her dedicated fitness journey.

With determination, she devoted more than an hour each day to her workouts, focusing particularly on weight lifting. This type of exercise not only helped her shed pounds but also made her body stronger and more toned.

In addition to her gym routine, Nafziger embraced the practice of Yoga. Engaging in Yoga sessions allowed her not only to burn calories but also to find a sense of tranquility and relaxation in her busy life. It became a way for her to balance her physical efforts with mental well-being.

Recognizing the importance of staying active throughout the day, Nicole incorporated long morning walks into her routine. These walks not only kick-started her day with a burst of energy but also contributed to her overall physical activity level.

Through her commitment to both exercise and healthier food choices, Nicole Nafziger embarked on a transformative journey toward better health and well-being, inspiring others along the way.

How much Weight did Nicole Lose?

Nicole Nafziger weight loss in pounds

Thanks to her dedication and perseverance, Nicole’s efforts paid off, and she successfully shed a total of 10 pounds.

This achievement not only made her physically healthier but also boosted her confidence and motivation to continue her journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Nicole on Weight Loss Surgery

Given her overweight, Nafziger has also been advised to undergo surgery multiple times. However, she has not taken this decision because she thinks it is too risky.

Honestly I have thought it once or twice, but I am worried that I don’t have good enough control over my mind with food choices that I would just hurt myself or mess up what the surgery did for me,”, Nicole explained.

Nicole’s Comments on Her Weight Loss Journey

Nicole Nafziger journey

She seems to be very excited about her weight loss journey. She is hopeful that she “would find the right balance” for herself. Nafziger has continued her weight loss journey and is planning to lose more pounds.

After struggling with obesity for a long time, 90 Day Fiance star from season 1, Darcey Silva, has lost 100 pounds.

Final Words

If we analyze the achievements of great people, we will find one common thing in all of their stories. That one thing is commitment. If you are committed to what you do and you love what you do then there is nothing that can stop you.

Nafziger loves her weight loss journey as well and if she continues in this spirit there’s no doubt that she will continue to lose unhealthy weight in the future.

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