Kim Foxx before after weight loss Kim Foxx before after weight loss

Kim Foxx Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Kim Foxx is an American politician, and right now, she’s working as the State Attorney for Cook County, Illinois.

She’s pretty popular because she’s in charge of the biggest prosecutor’s office, and she’s the boss of about 800 lawyers and 1,500 other employees.

Back in 2016, on November 8th, she won the election and became the State Attorney. It was a big deal because she was only the second African-American to ever hold that job, after Cecil A. Partee.

If we go back to April 2019, Kim Foxx used to be a bit heavier than she is now. She surprised everyone by losing more than 30 pounds in just one year.

How did Kim Foxx Lose Weight?

Kim Foxx weight loss

As we all know Kimberly M. Foxx, popularly known as Kim Foxx achieved a lot of things in her life.

She is too busy to celebrate her wins, so it is not that important for her to share her weight loss story. 

People are so curious to find out the story behind her success, that we made our guess about it.

There might be a lot of things that she says no to make a huge change in her physical existence.

In 2019, Foxx was involved in the Jussie Smollet case. She spent most of her time trying to solve it.

So it’s obvious that she did not join any fitness club or gym because of lack of time. 

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Eating Habits of Kim Foxx

It is not possible for anyone to lose weight without joining a gym or fitness club. But Foxx did it by changing her eating habits.

She started eating more vegetables than before. She gave up on Alcohol.

Kim drank a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

She focused more on diet food rather than fast food. Moreover, Foxx also did Yoga and pilates.

Before and After Weight Loss

Kim Foxx before after weight loss

Kim decided to work on her health and eating habits, and the result was impressive! She lost over 30 pounds, and now she weighs 140 pounds. Back in 2019, she was around 170 pounds.

Final Words

Kim Foxx achieved this big achievement even though she was busy in her case. But she focused on her body as well and did it in less than a year.

It tells us that we can achieve more than one goal at a time by just focusing on it and working on it.

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