Willie Robertson before after weight loss Willie Robertson before after weight loss

Willie Robertson Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

The CEO of Duck Commander is widely known for his sense of humor, but when it comes to maintaining his health, he has faced some challenges.

Recently, Robertson began experiencing a range of health issues, particularly concerning his blood pressure. These concerns deeply worried his wife, Korie Robertson, who decided it was time to take action.

Korie convinced her husband to accompany her to the doctor’s office, and after a thorough examination, the doctor recommended that Willie embark on a weight loss journey to improve his overall health.

Understanding that weight was a significant factor in her husband’s health struggles, Korie was determined to help him make positive changes.

She encouraged Willie to work out with her and follow a structured diet plan, even if he wasn’t initially thrilled about it. Korie’s persistence ultimately played a crucial role in Willie’s successful weight loss journey.

How did Willie lose weight?

Korie suggested to Willie that he should join Yoga classes with her. In response to this, Willie said, “I do want to lose weight but I will never lose my pride”. The idea of doing yoga didn’t look great to Robertson.

But as one can guess, no one can resist a wife :). Willie joined yoga classes where at first he faced a lot of issues.

But with the passage of time, he became familiar with the process. Korie would also prepare healthy food for Willie like Tofu and vegetables.

Willie Robertson

Korie doesn’t allow Willie to eat any kind of meat. She wants to keep him healthy and vegetarian.

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How much weight did Willie lose?

Willie Robertson before after weight loss

After doing Yoga and eating healthy food, Willie Robertson has successfully lost 10 pounds. Which is a big achievement for him.

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