Jillian Bell before after weight loss Jillian Bell before after weight loss

Jillian Bell Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Bell is a multi-talented American actress, comedian, and screenwriter. Her journey in the world of entertainment began back in 2009 when she was chosen to be part of the writing team for the 35th season of Saturday Night Live.

However, her big break as an actress arrived when she snagged the role of Jillian Belk on the popular show Workaholics.

Weight Loss Journey

Jillian Bell before weight loss

Recently, Bell was cast for the leading role in Paul Colaizzo’s movie, Brittany Runs a Marathon.

As the name suggests, Jillian was required to undergo a transformation in order to play the role. To play Brittany, she had to lose weight.

For this movie, Jillian lost more than 40 pounds. Talking about the experience, Bell said, “It’s very different to a lot of the roles I’ve played before.

But I just connected to her and I really wanted to tell her story as close to real as possible. I loved her.”

She added, “Brittany struggles with accepting love from others, whereas I constantly have family and friends surrounding me.

But I struggle with a lot of things that she struggles with and some self-worth issues sometimes.”

All in all, it was a great chance for Bell to improve not only her physical but her mental health as well.

After being cast for the role, the next task was to embark on the journey to lose weight. So, how did she do it?

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How did Jillian Lose Weight?

“I wanted to do the same physical journey of the character, so I lost 40 pounds,” Bell said.

She was given a well-written manual following which she had to lose weight. “I had the script, I think, seven months before we started shooting.

I was just re-reading it all the time and doing the workouts and starting to train and run,” Jillian added.

By starting her weight loss journey prior to the commencement of shooting, Jillian successfully lost 29 pounds.

The other 11 pounds that she lost were during the filming. Bell lost weight by maintaining a healthy diet and doing workouts on a daily basis.

She limited the consumption of processed food and followed a completely plant-based diet.

She also drank a lot of water in order to balance her hydration level.

Along with maintaining a strict diet plan, Bell also joined the gym where she did cycling, running, weight lifting, squats, push-ups, and pull-ups. 

Not only that, but Bell also participated in a real marathon.

During a real marathon across New York, a movie scene was filmed where Bell’s fellow runners thought that they were filming for a documentary. 

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Before & After Weight Loss

Jillian Bell before after weight loss

Jillian put in the effort to work out and stick to a healthy diet, and the results are impressive. She managed to shed 40 pounds, which is quite an achievement. Now, Jillian’s weight stands at a fit and trim 130 pounds. But, in the past, she used to carry around about 170 pounds. It’s a fantastic transformation in her journey to better health!

Impact of Transformation on Jillian’s Life

Playing Brittany left a big impact on Bell’s life. “After doing this movie I forced myself to have a hard look at how was I treating myself.

I realized I was saying more negative things to myself than positive,” Jillian said.

She continued, “I have gained a lot from this movie. Now, I focus more on my health and the way I treat myself. I don’t go much harder on myself. In the end, Brittany stayed with me.”

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Final Words

Jillian’s weight loss transformation tells the story of commitment and dedication.

It tells us that if you are determined and passionate enough then you can achieve everything in this world.

Just remember, the key to success is the power of will.

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