sy'rai smith before after weight loss sy'rai smith before after weight loss

Sy’Rai Smith Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After Journey

Just like her mother, Brandy Norwood, Sy’Rai is an American singer and songwriter.

Although the young artist hasn’t started her music career officially, her voice isn’t hidden from her fans. There is no doubt that Smith inherited the ability to sing so amazingly from her mother.

Just like her mother, Sy’Rai is also exceptionally good at voice layering. But her singing ability isn’t the only thing that Smith is famous for. Recently, she became a topic of discussion on Instagram, after Sy’rai shared her new photo with her fans.

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Just by looking at her new picture, one could tell that she had lost a lot of weight.

Her fans were quick to notice the change and started asking questions about how did she do that. They didn’t even wait for Sy’rai to tell and started making their own theories.

While some fans said that Smith must be struggling with some health issues, others congratulated her on her huge weight loss. So, what’s the main reason behind Smith’s huge weight loss? Let’s dive into it.

Why did Sy’Rai Lose Weight?

She started her weight loss journey after realizing that she was becoming overweight.

Talking with The Real Daytime, Sy’Rai said, “I had a lot of health issues when I was at the size that I was. And I decided to take my health really seriously. My mommy helped me in this a lot.”

To fight obesity, Sy’Rai embarked on her weight loss journey.

“I started my weight loss journey because I knew that being in the size and being in the body that I was in my life wasn’t going to be as long,” Smith said, “I had so many issues with my health.”

She added, “I knew that if I wanted to live my purpose, I wouldn’t be able to live it in that body.

So, I took that big step. I wanted to be there for my little sisters and little brothers. I wanted to be there for my mom and dad.”

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How did Sy’Rai Lose Weight?

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In order to change her lifestyle, Sy’rai first had to mentally prepare. “I changed my mindset. Changed my mentality,” she said.

After deciding and making a commitment, Smith started making big changes to her daily routine.

She completely changed her diet plan. She abstained from unhealthy food and ate only healthy and organic food.

Not only her diet, but Sy’rai also prepared a workout plan. By following this, she succeeded in losing weight.

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Sy’Rai’s Diet Plan

In order to shed pounds, Smith completely changed her lifestyle. Where before she was a big fan of soda, but now she completely stopped consuming it.

Sy’rai also eliminated sugary foods from her diet. She also avoided eating fast food.

After giving up all these unhealthy foods, Smith replaced them with organic and healthy foods.

Smith’s diet plan comprises vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. To get rid of soda, she started drinking fresh fruit juice, which was not only healthy but tastier as well.

Sy’Rai’s Workout Plan

Smith not only changed her diet but also worked out a lot. And in this, she received the help of her mother, Brandy Norwood.

Sy’Rai would do cardio. She also started running in the morning. Not only that, but Smith also participated in tennis and meditation.

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Sy’Rai’s Thoughts on Her Transformation

Talking about weight loss transformation, Smith said, “I really wanted to change because of my health at first.

But then obviously with health comes changing your lifestyle weight loss kind of comes.

And it did come. I started becoming a little bit obsessed with the scale with how I looked, with how my body was transformed.” 

She added, “It wasn’t easy. I grow up in an era where a lot of young women compared themselves with other girls on social media.

I’m a little victim of that. I get jealous. I get very insecure when I look at other women.

But I know that my body has been through a lot and I always remind myself that.”

Before & After Weight Loss

sy'rai smith before after weight loss

You might be amazed to learn that Sy’Rai Smith has achieved an incredible transformation on her weight loss journey. She managed to drop a whopping 60 pounds by saying no to unhealthy foods and exercising.

Now, she weighs around 140 pounds, which is a big change from her previous weight of 200 pounds.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that losing weight and changing your lifestyle isn’t an easy thing to do. But if you believe in yourself and keep faith in yourself, you are going to make it. After all, it isn’t an impossible thing to do. So, if you are thinking about starting your weight loss journey, just start it.

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