Amanda Batula Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Amanda is an American social media influencer, TV personality, and graphic designer. She rose to fame after appearing on the reality show, Summer House, where her love affair with her boyfriend, Kyle Cooke (now husband), became a big deal. As of now, Batula is a big internet celebrity as well.

Recently, the Summer House star announced that she had “lost 15 to 20 pounds”. It was quite big news for her fans, who like to keep track of every tiny detail of Batula’s life. She shared with her fans that she had lost weight by focusing on what she ate.

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Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss Journey

Amanda Batula weight loss

Amanda admitted that she was struggling with weight fluctuations for years and was trying to get rid of the problem and make her weight stable at a healthy number. Talking about her struggle, Batula said, 

“Season 2, which was my first official season, was actually when I was at my heaviest. I don’t know how much I weighed because I refused to step on a scale, but I would say I’ve lost between 15 to 20 pounds since then.”

Amanda added, “And I’m now back to my weight that I was in college. And I’m very happy about that.” Batula’s fans were very happy about the news and were congratulating her on Instagram

How did Amanda Lose Weight?

She lost weight by maintaining discipline in her life. Amanda said that she lost weight by intermittent fasting. “What worked best for me and is still working is intermittent fasting,” Amanda said, “It really gave the results I was hoping for.” 

She didn’t put more restraints on herself. Amanda just observed discipline and ate whatever she like except fast food. “Now I’ll eat more sugar and carbs as I’m maintaining my weight,” she said.

She also likes to give herself small treats, especially on weekends by eating out with her friends or family. “I take care that I don’t end up in that position that I was in before,” Batula said, “I enjoy living a healthy life and I’m planning to live like it.”

Where Amanda maintains a healthy diet, she also takes care that she does enough exercise. Although she isn’t a big fan of gymming, she does practice yoga for an hour on a daily basis. This healthy routine has really helped Amanda stay in a healthy shape.

Before & After Weight Loss

Amanda Batula before after weight loss

After making these radical changes to her lifestyle, Batula has lost around 20 pounds. Her current weight is 135 pounds, whereas before she weighed 155 pounds.

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Final Words

Making changes to your daily lifestyle feels uncomfortable but if it’s for the better, you’ve got to make changes. And that’s what Amanda did. Sure, intermittent fasting isn’t an easy task but she believed in herself and did it.

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